Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Story of Those Baby Coasters

Thank you all for your amazing support of my The Man's latest video. It was highly experimental of course, to have my husband take the lead on the reveal video for the latest Studio Calico Hello Hello kits. What with the colour blindness, and the lack of knowledge of scrappy things, and you know... him being a man and all... I was a bit worried how it was going to go down!

But turns out it gave most of you a good giggle, especially with his descriptions of products such as "baby coasters", "sequins that presumably stick to stuff", "balloon sausage dogs" and so it goes on. There's been many requests for him to make regular appearances, and I'm pretty sure with his swollen head right now I wouldn't be able to stop him if I tried ;-)

In the meantime, I've been doing a little bit more crafting with my most favourite 'leftovers' from the kits, including my very last wooden circle (AKA baby coaster). Layering it up with a kraft butterfly, paper scraps, Printables and a little bit of bling.

One of my other favourite bits on this card is the stamped feathers. I wanted to see how the foam stamps in the Main Kit took to some Color Theory Ink, and the answer is.... fabulously!! You can see it stamped so smoothly and with such a crisp outline. I'm in love! I drew on some little details with pen, and Liquid Pearls for some dimension.

It's hard to believe looking at the kit images, but the inspiration behind this card actually came from the Ni Hao Add On. There's some really lovely girly b-sides to those papers which include the pink polka dots, the sewing pattern, a gold printed vellum and more. I've still got more plans for this kit ;-)

And I'm definitely going to need more baby coasters. 



  1. Teehee...I liked your Hubby's 'side kick'....she was CUTE.....very amusing vid:) And this card...YUM! can never go wrong with feathers, is my theory....&...'baby' coasters are way too cool, too:):)!!!!

  2. Oh I sure home your 'trophy' hubby (his words not mine) will make regular appearances. I think it would be fun to have a whole family video where you all pull things out and talk about them. heheh the hilarity that might insue. I love your baby coaster card - so good!

  3. So funny! I wonder what my husband would do! Love the card and all it's soft touches :) -Fatima


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