Sunday, November 16, 2014

Invisible Ink and Homemade Watercolours

There's nothing more exciting than watching my girls take a real interest in wanting to learn how to scrapbook 'just like Mum'. I love that they're excited about crafting and more excited by the fact that they want to do it with me. And they're eager to discover new techniques too. That gasp of joy when I teach them something and they see it come alive before their eyes is soooo rewarding!

This week I showed them a couple of simple but fun techniques and taught them how to create their very own bright and vibrant Christmas cards. That's right, these two cards you see were made by my 8 year old (on the left) and 4 year old (on the right). Not me. Except for the trimming and sewing etc.

I call this my invisible ink and homemade watercolour technique and it's perfect for crafting for kids. You'll see why if you watch the video.


Meanwhile, it's also not bad for us adults too. I love the effect of this and can easily see myself creating cards along the same lines. In fact, I already have! Remember this card from my recent sketch feature on the Studio Calico blog? A bit more technical, but it's basically the same idea.

I love that my kids chose out these bright colours to create with. They're not hindered by thinking about traditional Christmas colour schemes. They just want what they like and for Moriah that always ALWAYS involves purple, and for Bethany it's not so specific - just something pretty.

Although I have to admit, I've been creating my own fair share of Christmas projects with lots of pink and aqua too. They're my favourite all year round so I don't see why I shouldn't include them into my holiday crafting as well ;-)

As a parting gift I've linked up all the supplies we used to create these cards in the list below. I'm still going crazy for Kellie Stamps Joy Set for all it's wonderful typographic sentiments, and I can never have too many stars in my life.

Happy scrapping!



  1. Makes me wish I had some little girls to 'help' me!!! They both did a FABULOUS job & I LOOOVE their colour choices too:):) thanks for sharing, Elf Girls!!!!!

  2. What great cards and so fun to do with the girls :)

  3. Beautiful job girls. Definitely going to have a go with my kids.

  4. Loved watching this Natalie...Great technique and very effective....inspires me get out the white embossing powder n watercolours!!

  5. I love love love love this! Love the youtube clip, so cute at the same time. I'm so going to have to give this a try.


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