Saturday, November 1, 2014


I was excited to receive my latest order from Studio Calico because amongst my goodies was the Ashley Goldberg supplies I had picked out in preparation for her class Paint.Plan.Play. and also some super cool Christmas stuff too! I'm hoping to get into some Letterpress action for my Christmas crafting this season.... I finally caved and have just ordered the Letterpress Bundle for my birthday so watch this space :-)

But in the meantime I couldn't resist but break in a couple of those stamps and start practicing colouring them with waterpaints. I am smitten with that little girl can you tell? I want to work out the perfect colours for her!

Ashley had some really interesting things to say about her class on her Instagram account this morning which has got me quite excited....

      "To those of you that have signed up or have expressed interest, thank you. Thank you for being excited about, and intrigued by, art journaling. Thank you for being curious. Curiosity and expression really are the core of art journaling. I was told once, art journaling is both a place to ask AND answer questions. Art journaling is where you solve creative problems. It's a rare place where testing out techniques can live beside completed pieces of art. A page of journaling can be next to a collaged page of ephemera and personal memorabilia. Art journaling is YOUR space to be adventurous. Art journaling is a way to find your creative voice. When I took German in high school I expected to learn German, which I did (please don't test me on it though!). What I didn't expect was that I would understand English better. Learning a new language gave me a better knowledge of my first language. I think that is a metaphor for all skills. Creating in your art journal, even when you don't consciously realize it, will teach you more about yourself as an artist, maker, crafter, scrapper...however you identify yourself. It will make you better in all the other areas where you create. And it will help you understand your own creative process and preferences." 

If this has got you as excited as me and you want to sign up for Paint.Plan.Play you need to get in REALLY QUICKLY! Registration closes today at midnight EST (which equals 3pm today Aussie daylight savings time). And if you're interested in buying a few of the class supplies as well, you can check them out here. See you in class tomorrow!


PS.  Whilst on the topic of new stash, these super-popular Mama Elephant Christmas Stamps have just been restocked in the shop too. These have sold out really quickly whenever they come in, so if you've been hanging out to get your hands on them - now is the time!


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