Saturday, June 28, 2014

Penny Arcade Reveal

Reveal time!! YAY!

The July Studio Calico kits are called Penny Arcade and are filled with warm colours, feather and star patterns (both are my favourites!) and cute embellishments. Here's a look at the main Scrapbook Kit:

But in order to get a much closer 'real life' look at the kit contents, plus the contents of the 3 Add On Kits you can check them out in my video here:

I say 'my video', but really.... yes, it's the Trophy Husband's video! You asked for it, and you got it!! I have to say for the first time ever he was more excited about my SC kits arriving than I was! I tell you, he had those kits unpacked and the video made before I even came home from work. I didn't even get a chance to open them myself ;-)

Now let me show you the projects I've made with them. The first layout is made with the Main Kit Only and is called "Best Ever" and was inspired by the combination of map paper and the fabulous brushscript paper filled with locations around the world. We're not a family that does a lot of travel, and certainly not international travel, but I was excited to see Sydney make the list because I just so happened to have some recent photos to scrap!

I stuck with quite a bold blue, red and yellow combination for this page with all those graphic patterns. Which is why my second Main Kit Only layout is hard to believe it's from the same kit... because it's almost like the exact opposite!

For "Z & M" I concentrated on all the fabulous Ashley Goldberg designed products. That includes the watercolour background paper, the feather papers (two papers... in two different colour combinations!), the stamp and the cloud stencil. These are quite unique and I love the soft artsy appeal of these. I really appreciate how Studio Calico showcases new artists each time and includes lots of exclusive products. It means my pages look different each time I scrap.

Now let me share some Add On love with you. This one is called 'Fortune Teller' and perhaps appeals more to the masculine scrapper. But it's also really easy to get a girly look with this too, and I must admit that I'm hoarding all those star bits!

You probably wouldn't automatically pick that my layout "Click" is made with Fortune Teller would you? The yellow polka dots is the b-side to the blue bokeh paper, and I've included some Printables too. But the main feature of this page is of course those flowers!

I used the Flower Cutting File designed by Kim Stewart, and instead of cutting them out I actually used my Sketch Pens to draw it straight onto the paper instead. I've got quite the crush on my Sketch Pens at the moment. You may have noticed? ;-)

In true Kim Stewart style I then used waterpaints (really... I used Mister Huey's!) to paint in the design and sprinkle it with glitter too. That woman inspires me so much!

My personal favourite Add On is called 'Spun Sugar' and it's the embellishment-only kit for the month. Every single bit of this kit is perfection!

Now obviously the embellishment-only kit doesn't come with any papers, and whilst pondering what I would pair these pieces with I decided against using the papers from the other kits (although they would coordinate perfectly... that's half the point!) and used some kid-art instead.

The design of this page is such that the photos are attached to the vellum overlay (yes I went absolutely crazy with the vellum this month... it's on pretty much every layout I made!) which then folds down to reveal the black and white painting underneath. The painting in turn also folds down and reveals the purple paper artwork underneath that too! So there's three layers on this page and it showcases two pieces of art from my 4 year old.

The last Add On is called 'Skeeball' and is filled with lots of my favourites too. More stars! Sunbeams! A pink, yellow and blue combination! I admit, this was a close call to being my favourite as well.

I used bits and pieces of it as my 'real' products in making this hybrid layout.

But the real highlight of this page is the extraordinary Digital Template that Shanna Noel has designed again. My goodness I love that lady's talent!! Most of the work on this page is done through Photoshop, and when I say 'work' I mean I just added a photo and some journaling! Not hard at all. This was the quickest page I made this month by a long shot!

But I can't help but still want to add dimensional pieces, even if they're just simple little bits like this badge and metal circle combination. And yes, it's bugging me that the metal circle flipped over backwards when I photographed it without me noticing. Never mind.

You can see more of the details behind my layouts in my gallery, and all the products I've used are linked below. Happy Reveal Day everyone!

PS. I've also added this and this to my cart since we last spoke :-)


Penny Arcade Supply List:

Friday, June 27, 2014

On My Shopping List

It's true... the Studio Calico Penny Arcade reveal is in less than 24 hours. In fact it's less than 12 hours for the lucky subscribers that get advance opportunity to purchase the Add Ons and shop items, and bundling has begun... so now is the time to go shopping! Here's what's in my cart this month:

  1. Kit Alpha Stamp Set. There's no one that does alpha stamps quite like Studio Calico, and I love the extra personal touch that they're always named after children or pets from the Foster family. This one is in honour of the latest addition to their family, their gorgeous new girl Kit. 
  2. Brighton Pier Bundle. Studio Calico have just revealed a new collection called Brighton Pier which is filled with a color palette of summery blues, fresh greens, and bright pinks, oranges and yellows. I love the mixture of themes such as clouds, sunrays, brushscript and maps, and you'll see some of these designs in the Penny Arcade kits. But if you want to get your hands on the entire collection then you have the opportunity to pre-order the bundle right now. It's very reasonably priced, great shipping deals and rewards members will get a free gift too!
  3. Inked 2.0 Class. Are you like me and have about a thousand stamps but barely use them? Perhaps it would be really useful to learn some new tricks and techniques so you're inspired to get them out of storage and onto your projects? That's what I figured anyway, and I eagerly signed up to this class. There's a free stamp set actually included in the class which will ship free (whilst stocks last)... and currently they're still lasting! 
  4. Penny Arcade Cut Files designed by Kim Stewart. You can't help but fall in love with Kim's soft and delicate hand-drawn designs and whilst they look absolutely awesome when they're cut out, they're also pretty fabulous when combined with Sketch Pens ;-)
  5. Days of the Week Badge Set. I've always had a soft spot for badges (flairs, buttons... whatever you want to call them) and I consider them one of my favourite go-to embellishments. This set is going to particularly perfect when I properly commit to Project Life!
What's on your Shopping List?


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