Saturday, July 23, 2016

Let's Talk Sizzix

Can I be honest for a minute? (Actually I'm always honest, it's just sometimes I feel like I have to ask your permission first! LOL!) ..... here it is..... my 'job' at Sizzix is is really beginning to stretch me in ways I never imagined!

You see, when they approached me and invited me to join their blogging team I was like "yeah, sure. That should be easy enough. They make dies right? I use dies on my cards and my scrapbook pages and my project life pages all the time. Count me in!"

And yes, most of the time I can get away with that. I can share with you fun new and interesting techniques to stretch how you use dies on your cards and scrapbook pages and project life pages. For example, earlier in the month I shared how to achieve a partial diecut on the side of your card, and I used my new-favourite Hummingbird die. You can check that out on the blog HERE.

But then sometimes they ask me to change it up a bit, or they request specific projects and it causes me to really have to stop and challenge myself. Now don't get me wrong.... I absolutely LOVE that! I love pushing myself to learn new things and think outside the box, and to experiment with different materials. Which is why when they asked me to create an Aussie version of the Softee Bear in line with their #shareyoursoftee campaign I jumped at the chance!

I'm not claiming it's the world's best sewing, or the most inventive Softee Bear you've ever seen but I do love the idea that if someone like me can whip up a stuffed doll in an afternoon without having to do any of the tedious tracing templates and cutting fabric by hand then I'm hooked! And turns out Moriah was very impressed with my efforts too ;-)
You can check out my post on the Softee Bear HERE.


And whilst we're on the subject of things that are blowing my mind at Sizzix, today I stumbled across this old Tim Holtz video where he demonstrates the Dimensional Cutting Pad and I have to admit I wasn't aware of this product before. But after watching this and trying to count the possibilities it opens up I've now put it at the top of my 'must get' list! Which is handy.... because it happens to be on SALE at Sizzix right now ;-)

Catch you again real soon.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jot Magazine July Mood Board

Happy weekend!
I've just spent the day creating and cleaning and cooking - basically just keeping real busy since I'm home alone and I'm counting down the hours until the family gets home from their little holiday. It's been very productive! So let me share one of my recent projects with you...

It's all very sunshiney and bright and happy right? Well that was the vibe I was going for, and it was all inspired by the latest Jot Magazine Mood Board.

Clearly it was that little pineapple image down the bottom which really got my creative juices flowing and I wanted to literally scatter them all over my card. But I remembered to get a little bit of that woodgrain in and enough white to calm it down a touch too ;-)

Since it was all about the pineapple I wanted a sentiment that made sense and I found some little stamps to say 'you are very sweet' which worked perfectly right?

Anyway, I wonder how you'll interpret the mood board? It'd be great to have lots of participants in this challenge because I really felt like scrapping this sunshiney board in the midst of winter (for us Aussies) was very therapeutic! You can find all the challenge details on the Jot Blog HERE.




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