Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Story of Boy Meets Girl

Everyone has their own love story to tell don't they? It doesn't always go as you anticipate, there's usually some rocky patches, but for the most part love is a truly wonderful thing. That's my honest opinion (it's not at all tainted by this being my 7th night shift in a row and I'm getting more sentimental/emotional/delirious than usual!)

My friend has a wonderful love story to tell. She had high expectations and didn't let herself compromise on any single point. She waited and waited patiently. And when The One came along everything finally fell into place.

They were married this last month, on the 19th. And I was honored to witness them declare their love and share in their celebration. I made this card using some Jenni Bowlin papers and Glimmermist and was able to customise it using some Cutting Files that JBS now release with their kits.

Gotta love love don't you?
PS. 4 more night shifts to go. You can only imagine what I'm going to be like by the time I finish?!



Monday, January 28, 2013

The Story of Her Personal Best (and Mine)

I never dreamed my girls would be all that interested in sports. I guess I just presumed that because I was never that way inclined as a kid. I mean, I enjoyed playing netball every week but that was about the extent of it. And I most certainly was not one for athletics (as anyone who has ever seen me run can attest to)!

So it came as a surprise to me when Munchy was super-keen to get involved in Little Aths. And not only did she get involved, but she really enjoys it too. Now lets get honest here, enjoying something and being good at something are two different things! But of course that's not the point either. Munchy certainly doesn't care that she comes close to last in every race ;-)

When she got presented with her certificates for achieving Personal Bests she was over the moon! I knew that this was going to be one of those pieces of memoribilia that had to be saved and included on a layout. And I knew that layout was going to require lots of flourish and bling in celebration (I chose to use a FWAB Jasmine Laser Flourish in Gold).

Because there was more than one certicificate I attached them to the layout in a sort of book-like arrangement, sewing them on down the edge of the paper so that you can open it up and see the different ones. That also allowed me plenty of space to get down all the journaling I needed to pour out here too!

Now since we're talking about Personal Bests and celebrations.....
I was asked by Scrapbook Creations a couple of months back if I would like to take part in a Sketch Challenge they were featuring in the magazine and I readily agreed of course. I sure was challenged myself when I found out the sketch was for a double-page, as I haven't done one of those in years. But I worked on my pages and was happy with how they turned out. Fast forward to a week ago when this months Scrapbook Creations magazine landed in my letterbox and I had the surprise of my life to find my very own daughter smiling back at me from the cover!! (thanks for the heads-up Sandra)

 Munchy also was proud as punch to be a cover girl ;-) heee hee he!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Story of the Head Lice

I know, I know..... head lice is not the most romantic of subjects. In fact, it seems to be one of those things that people would rather not discuss at all if they can help it. But in the interests of keeping it real, and documenting our everyday life I unfortunately had to do this page about this infernal plague that has infiltrated our lives for the past couple of months.

Most parents of primary-school-aged children would know what I mean. You get that letter from school saying there's been an outbreak of it and so you take precautions. Tying Muchy's hair up in a tight little bun (which she hates, but looks awefully cute). But inevitably the itching starts. So you go searching, and sure enough you find those blasted litted creepy crawlies scurrying about. BLlleerrgghhh!

The next phase begins. That's where you buy every brand of head-lice-erradication product you can find because they never seem to quite do the trick. Or at least, because you keep sending your girl to school she keeps getting re-infected. Which means she also tends to pass it onto her little sister and now you're treating twice the infestation.

Third phase? That's the paranoia that ensues. You wash every piece of haberdashery in the house. And you panic if you get the slightest itch yourself. But evetually it all passes. Phew!

I've used the latest sketch challenge at Sketchbook 365 to help me document this annoying frustrating time in our lives. And I've obviously gone for my second attempt at an 8.5 x 11" layout. Hhhmmmm... I'm not quite as sold on this one as my first attempt. But it's all trial and error :-)

Happy Australia Day Aussies!!



Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Story of The Funny Things She Says

When I got the brief that this month we were going to be focusing on the cutting files that JBS have released (both through their kit club and at Jessica Sprague) I knew that this would suit me to a tee. I mean, I didn't even need the challenge, I've been using them on nearly all my projects anyway :-)

So instead I just tried to think of some novel ways to use them. Alright, so I kept the Whimsy Girl just as she is, and turned her into a cute little embellishment. But for the Stars Backdrop I first misted, then painted, then outlined, and then stuck the original stars right back in their proper position. If that was all a bit too brief and technical, there's a better description (and more pictures) when I posted this on the JBS blog here.

I'm really loving my stamps these days too. The Writer stamp was perfect for this layout about documenting the crazy things Moodles says. She tries really hard, but there's a few things she just doesn't get quite right. My favourite is when she walks around the house looking for her sister and calling out forlornly, "Bebesh, where you are?"

I've got another JBS cutting files project to share too, a cute lovey-dovey kind of card. It's also up on the JBS blog if you want to check it out ahead of time. Otherwise, I'll be sharing it here soon.....ish. I make no promises. I'm about to start 11 nights of night-shift. Straight. Wish me luck.


Monday, January 21, 2013

The Story of What She Wants to Be When She Grows Up

It's one of those questions that inevitably gets asked a lot around kids isn't it? The dreaded "what do you want to be when you grow up?" question. I know we're just doing it out of polite conversation, or curiosity to know what interests them. But do we really expect a sensible answer out of a 3-year-old?!! LOL!

Munchy (who's 6) has a little bit of insight actually. She's stopped saying she wants to be a doctor ("because all you do is look up people's bits all day Mum!") and has started saying she wants to be a teacher instead. That sounds pretty reasonable to me...... and far less messy.

But I had such a heart-warming moment just the other day when the question was asked of Moodles (who's 3). She looked straight at me and said "I want to be you Mum". Not, "I want to be like you", but "I want to be you".  OOOoohhhhh!!! So sweet! I guess I must be doing something right to have inspired that answer :-) It certainly inspired me to go ahead and make this layout to commemorate the moment.

I picked this series of photos of Moodles "driving the Fire Engine" as she says, because it highlights her technically-oriented mind. Something I think we've got in common. Once I had my photos chosen I knew there were a couple of key embellishments I needed to use to enhance the theme.

I started with the FWAB Black Luke flourish because it's strong and dominating (whilst still bringing a slightly feminine touch) which I think describes me perfectly ;-) And nearly the whole packet of Evalicious School's In V1 buttons because clearly my history of studying for the last 25 years straight demands an excessive amount of school-themed products!!




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