Sunday, October 30, 2011

Having a Flutter

The Melbourne Cup. It's called the 'Race That Stops the Nation' and I'm usually lucky enough as a Melbournite to even get a public holiday. For a horse race!! Crazy right?!

Over at we're celebrating the occasion in true scrappy style by hosting a competition. It's like a layout sweepstake. All you have to do is upload a layout to our Melbourne Cup Flutter gallery using the sketch and colour inspiration (all the instructions are here) and you'll be assigned a random horse that's running in the Cup.

Should your horse place in the Melbourne Cup - then you win a lovely scrappy voucher!! There's even a prize for lucky last! But you better hop to it if you want to enter because the race is on Tuesday which means you need your entries in before that :-)

My layout tells the story about Moodle's obsession with my iPhone. She's not even two years old yet, she can barely talk, but she's taught herself how to play Angry Birds!! Whenever she sees me with my phone she starts calling out "Eagle? EAGLE!" or simply "Game?" which is her way of saying she wants to play.... now.

Kids hey? By the time they're as old as me they'll probably know how to fly their own hover-cars and communicate via telepathy or whatever it is that Star Trek tells us the future holds :-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Reducing my Footprint

Last week's weekly theme at was "Footprints" and I hosted the Noteworthy challenge which is about making cards.

The first thing that challenged me was trying to figure out how to incorporate the "Footprints" theme into a card. As you can see, my first idea was to actually include some footprints, but I thought that might be a bit hard :-)

But you know what it reminded me of? All this talk these days about reducing our 'carbon footprint' to lessen our impact on the environment. So the challenge I'm setting is for you to "Reduce, Reuse or Recycle" something on your card!! You can interpret that any way you like!

I chose the "Reduce" option which meant I tried to limit the amount of supplies I used on these cards. Can you believe I only used one piece of patterned paper to make both these cards? And all I added was some scraps of twine, some left-over pieces from my Thickers and a splash of mist :-)

Other ways you might like to interpret the challenge would be to 'Reuse' something that was intended for a different purpose such as clothing tags, kitchen supplies etc. Or try your hand at the 'Recycled' option and include materials that might otherwise end up in the bin such as junk-mail or packaging.


Or if you're looking for more's a sneak of my new Scrap it Blind challenge that's just gone up today....

Happy scrapping!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sweet Spring

It was a beautiful spring day here today. How about for you?

The town we're currently living in seems to have an abundance of cherry trees! Everywhere I look I see cherry blossoms, I see them scatter their petals in the soft breeze, and smell their delicate fragrance.

Yes I do get a little sentimental about cherry blossoms :-) It's because it reminds me of afternoons as a child at my Grandmother's house. Playing in her garden, young and innocent and free.

So I scrapped the memory :-) I really must do more of this sort of thing. It's like passing down an inheritance to my children. I used up the last scraps of my very first Studio Calico kit 'Partly Sunny'.... it seemed appropriate. And finally I can call myself a kit-killer!! I've only been subscribing for the last 16 months!

I just had to mix in a little Pink Paislee and some yummy woodgrain Hambly that I've been hoarding :-) And splash some paint around of course. I love Spring scrapping!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

For My Dear Friend Nadia

I love my job. There's nothing quite like being present at the birth of a baby. The screams, the joy, the tears, the relief, the happiness. Being able to share that special moment with new mums and dads every day is an extreme privilege.

But it's not always like that. There's not always a happy ending, and when this job gets sad - it gets heartbreakingly sad. I like to think that if I can help my patients through what might be the toughest thing they've ever had to do and make it even just the smallest bit better or easier then my job is done.

I've had patients hug me after their miscarriage and thank me for my kindness. I've had people send me thankyou gifts for helping them deliver their stillborn baby because I've shown them compassion. And whilst that brings me to tears, it's still very rewarding because hopefully it means that I've done my job well.

I believe in scrapping the everyday moments of life.... and they're not always parties and laughter. I couldn't help but snap this photo of a recent thankyou gift I received from a patient. For a start, this chocolate bouquet was exquisite! But mainly because this patient and her story is going to remain in my memory forever. You see, I had only just days earlier helped her deliver her twin girls. Stillborn. At 23 weeks.

So I'm sorry to get all deep and meaningful on you today, but my heart is heavy with compassion for my dear friend Nadia who is also suffering a similar grief at the moment. She's just recently started scrapping again to help her deal with the pain, and it would be great if you went and left her some love.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

100 Years.... and a winner!!

Can I tell you a little secret? It's something I don't usually admit to very freely....
Once upon a time I entered a showgirl competition.
And won!

It was something I entered in order to support my friend who was entered, she didn't want to feel alone. I never thought I would actually win! And even though this was 12 years ago, it still came back to "haunt" me this year when they celebrated their 100year anniversary and invited all the past showgirls back for the party.

We had a parade through town, we got to feel like royalty as we sat on the back of a float and waved to people watching. Hheeee!! My family came to watch of course. The girls squealed when they say their Mummy on the back of a truck :-)

You might recognise this sneak peak that I revealed during the blog hop? This is the full reveal of the page I made for the "What's Cooking" challenge that I hosted last week

Lots of mix and match of products here for this page. You can click on each thumbnail to be taken directly to the store to purchase the same supplies if you like.

Supplies Used:

and now, the moment you've been waiting for.. The winner of my candy from last week's blog hop is......


Melanie, please contact me either by email (address is on the right there) or PM me on the Scrapz forum to let me know your postal address and I'll get your goodies in the mail ASAP.

I'll be back to post the sneak of my next challenge later.


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