Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm dreaming....

certainly not of a white Christmas, but more like sunny days, warm weather, trips to the beach, going barefoot, sunscreen and big hats.

Even though it's winter here, we had a reasonably nice (cold, but sunny) day the other weekend. So all 4 of us had a day at the park. It got us all outside, and Munchy had a ball on all the play equipment.

I cracked out the Hipstamatic on the i-phone for the first time (ever since I was inspired by Shimelle's blog post to try it out) and so I also had a fantastic time following all of my family around snapping photos with my phone. It was experiment time as I had to try out all the different variations that come with the application.

This is my favourite shot out of the many many MANY I took that day. I love the way the sun is making her (uncontrollably messy) hair glow golden, and the way she's turning around to tell me to stop taking photos while she's trying to play.

You'll be seeing this photo on a layout very soon I'm sure!


  1. I might have to get an iphone just for that photo feature. Lovely - looks like summer :)

  2. Love all that you've captured in this picture. For sure this picture says more than words can say.

  3. I think your photo is gorgeous and has such atmosphere, well done.

  4. Lovely photo, I have that app to and am loving the effects that are coming with it.

    Great blog

  5. Fabulous picture!! I have Hipstamatic too and use it SO much. My favourite combo changes frequently - at the moment it's Roboto Glitter lens and the Pistil film.


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