Saturday, June 12, 2010

How many shoes

should a 6-month-old own? Especially given she hardly ever wears any?!

I'm not sure I like the answer to this question.  Because this photo only shows about a third of the shoes she actually owns!

I'm playing along with the challenge from These Are a Few of My Favourite Things which prompted us to scrap our favourite shoes. So I took a picture of some of my favourite shoes that The Moodle owns. And in doing so I realised that half of these shoes she's lucky to have worn once!

The problem with most baby shoes is they never stay on for very long. And coupled with the fact that this baby of mine seems to be growing at an alarming rate means that all of these beautiful shoes seem to be going to waste. But at least I've captured them in picture form :-)

I really like the combination of products I used on this layout. I think they all go together nicely, and that's definitely something I struggle with - mixing and matching from different companies.
The background paper is Basic Grey, the title alphas, embellishments and paper strips are The Girl's Paperie and the flowers are Kitschy Digitals. I've also used some paper doilies, ribbon and washi tape.

I'm also using the June sketch over at Handmade by Suzanne's for this layout.
Two birds, one stone and all of that.

I rotated the sketch onto it's side and put the title at the top and the journalling on the bottom. Oh, and kept the two photos the same size. But other than that I've kept to the sketch pretty well. I'll show you again so you can see.....

You may have noticed how I tried to photograph this layout in a new way today. I'm a bit undecided on whether this was a good idea or not. What do you think?
I really like it when other people have a some of the background showing in their layout photos, and I'm sick of having distorted-looking layouts when I've tried to photograph them on the wall. I certainly had more success when photographing them on the floor, but I don't think it's very nice to have some un-vacuumed carpet showing!!

So I'm experimenting. Maybe I just need to change up the location? or change the way I propped it up?

I'd really be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.


  1. Gorgeous layout, Natalie!! LOVE the design and the background paper! And many shoes for such a young lady!! You spoiled her, lol!!

    Thanks so much for playing along with us at Fave Things!!


  2. love it Natalie, I love the way you have photographed actually...and love those polaroids...are they real

  3. Well, I've never been blessed with a little girl to know how many shoes one really can collect (its got to be hard NOT too with all the cute choices out there!) but I'm sure she looks so cute wearing them even for a short while. Nice layout and product choices. I would not have realized that your elements were from different companies had you not pointed that out. And lastly, since you asked, the background props are nice for your layouts, but I miss the straight head on shots of your layouts. It seems that one can view more when taken the other way. I'm not an expert by any means and that is my opinion only as a view...Sheesh, I haven't even gotten the gumption to photograph layouts and admire any way that you want to showcase them here!

  4. The answer should be as many cute ones as you can find - at least thats the answer coming from a mumma of boys!!!
    loving the circular stitching and setting out! the whole layout is just simply lovely!

  5. hehehehehehehe....U are soooooooooo cute!!! One thing U may not know about my nickname is "LANA"....which is ANAL backwards!! LOL! LOL! LOL!! I have a thing for staying on top of things and memorizing numbers too! LOL!! Soooooooooo I monitor the number of comments on FAVE THINGS and whenever I see it jump check in to see the comment or player (as in your were comment #104!! LOL!! Sad that I know that!! LOL!!) ....soooooooooo no headache at all!! I even make it easier for my team and copy all the links to our "private" forum so they don't have to hunt through the comments!! LOL!! Talk about a spoiled team, huh?? LOL!! Anywho!!! I soooooooooooooooooooo AMAZINGLY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this LO!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the photos, the colors, the tape on the photos....the STITCHING!!! This totally ROCKS!! Thanks sooooooooooooooo much for playing along with us!!!! And I'm not sure about the second way U tried to take the photo...I like the background effect....but....its harder to see any details that way....have U ever tried photoing them outside??? that's what I do as the natural light seems to work glare off the photos...etc..... :):):):):):):):):):):):):) PS....I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your blog background....wood grain ROCKS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Beautiful layout and we just went to a garage sale today and bought my daughter seven pairs of shoes!!! She definitely has more than me!! But I can't afford to buy them new, so garage sales it is!!! Thanks so much for playing with us at Fave THings!!!

  7. Wow not having a little girl I can only imagine, I would go crazy, Nate at 3 just loves shoes, but unfortunately he wears them in mud, dirt and his gorgeous shoes need to be washed all the time and well they then become you know, boyish, seeing these lined up in your photo just made me think how different little girls are to little boys, I love this gorgeous sketch and you rocked it, just love your style my friend, those little block letters are super cute too.

  8. You crack me up!!! My little person has more shoes than I do!! Little girl shoes are OH SO CUTE! And you have at least documented this fun- even if she only wears them a short bit! :)
    As for the photography...not sure I have a preference. I click on the photos to see the details anyway....
    And I have to add- what an awesome page! Love your take on the sketch & your combo of products is seamless! How did you stitch that huge circle so well?
    Gorgeous & inspiring as always!!

  9. This is simply gorgeous!Loving those soft colors, the title, the embellies, that tape rocks! And i love the doilies, a lot of shoes for such a young lady ;)
    Thank you so much for playing along with us at Fave Things!

  10. I have to agree with the others, this layout is lovely Natalie. The composition, the soft muted color palette and all the itty bitty details are delightful - thank you for sharing it with me on my blog :) I very much appreciate the thoughtful comment you left me also - I do hope our paths cross again. All the best - Christine Middlecamp


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