Thursday, July 1, 2010

And the winners are.......

I was agonising for days about how I was actually going to choose a winner for the Jolly June Yellow Challenge.

If I was going to judge it purely on the quality of the entry then there would be 16 winners!! But I didn't want it completely chosen by so in the end I (with the help of a not-so-choosy 3 year old) narrowed it down to 3 winners. Yes! 3!!

And they are.....

1. Adrienne with her sunny yellow layout.

I love the bright and cheery colours in this, and the fun fun fun embellishments (who doesn't love a pinwheel?!) and look at those cute faces! Everything about this layout screams summer to me, and certainly makes me forget the cold winter I'm currently in, at least for a little while :-)

2. Chloe with her De-Lovely card

So I decided to let Munchy choose a winner too, and although she looked through them all, and said "ooh, that's nice" to at least half of them (!) when she saw Chloe's card she promptly declared "oh, that's the cutest one in the whole wide world and universe". I do agree :-)

3. Jen (who scraped in by the skin of her teeth!) with this awesome card.

These are the things that are currently on my "Love to bits" list: bunting, doilies, bunting, typewriter font mixed with large curly handwriting, crochet flowers, sunny yellow and bunting. So when I saw that Jen had incorporated all these things in the one amazing card, I knew I had to have a third winner! I think the only things that aren't on this card which are also on my list would be washi tape and butterflies. But then she included these gorgeous pictures of a butterfly release in her post....... it's like she's reading my mind :-)

Congrats to all the winners (can you send me an email with your mailing address), and thankyou to every single one of you who entered. There were so many amazing layouts and cards that this was so hard to choose. But to the rest of you, never fear.... there will be more fun and games and challenges in July. I hope you'll all join in again.



  1. OMG I have officially "made" it! The talented lady whom I have been drooling over's work since I found you had picked my layout!!! Hot made my night...scratch week!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, how sweet is your Munchy!!! My little card feels so special :-) And I am super stoked to be chosen as one of your winners. I just LOVE your blog Natalie and your creations are so inspiring!!!! Congrats to the other winners too :-)

  3. :) Congrats to the winners... such lovely work! Thanks for giving us the challenge and sharing those great prizes again! :)

  4. Congrats winners!!! Your Jolly June Yellow entries were amazing :)

  5. Well congrats everyone! Loved the yellow. And thanks Natalie, for picking a challenge that was truly a challenge-I always find it difficult when working with yellow and try to avoid it, you gave me the encouragement to embrace it and like what I ended up with. Your blog is so inspirational!

  6. WOW!!! Thank you SO much! What an honor to have you pick my little card! All of the entries were so happy & cheery! I still can hardly believe you chose one of MY entries! Pinch me!!! :D
    Thanks for the fun & challenge!


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