Thursday, July 22, 2010

A milestone

My little Moodles got her first tooth this week. Lucky for me she's not one of those grizzly babies at teething time. In fact, it was only when she opened her mouth for some food that I even noticed that one had popped on through. There was no warning - no red cheeks or ear-pulling, no fevers and no crying.

But it got me thinking about all the other milestones that I am yet to scrap.
For Munchy, I had an album dedicated to her meeting all her (1st degree) relatives for the first time, and one for milestones and other important events. But since I'm no longer a chronological scrapper, that idea has already gone out the window for The Moodles.

These days I just have a pile of photos on my desk waiting to be scrapped and I start flicking through them when I have a page in mind. I choose a photo that will fit the products most of the time now. For this one, I thought it really was about time I used some of this lace cardstock that I've had in my stash for the longest time. I have used it once as a mask - you can catch a glimpse of some of the Glimmermist residue on it (but I used pink mist so it didn't really affect the colour of the cardstock). And it's quite a masculine paper - or maybe I'm just swayed that way because it's called "boyz to men", so I chose this photo of The Man giving The Moodles her first bath in the hospital.

Some of my favourite things of the moment are in this little embellishment cluster. Washi tape, decorative buttons (handmade of course! See the tutorial in my sidebar if you're interested), bakers twine on a glorious Jillibean Soup button and label stickers from October Afternoon.

The journaling is about how it's so much easier to be a parent the second time around. You feel a lot more relaxed, a lot more in control, a lot less uncertain. It's great! And I'm blessed to have two beautiful girls who are really some of the most easiest kids in the universe which only adds to my degree of happiness. Yes there are some days when I seriously contemplate giving away the whole career thing and being a SAHM forever. Except I think my mum might shoot me (six years of Uni down the toilet and all that)!!!


  1. This is soooo sweet!!! The lace cardstock looks perfect, not overly masculine really :-) lurve the washi tape!! Yum yum :-)

  2. Ah pretty!!! Nothing too masculine about the lace cardstock in my eyes! And that's so funny you should mention wanting to be a SAHM sometimes ... my friend the gynaecologist wanted this in some point of her life as well ... she too figured she couldn't waste all those years of studying, but it really was hard on her! But soon you'll be back at work, and I'm sure you'll love getting back into that routine as well. At least I really do hope that's the case!
    xxx Peggy

  3. Such a great LO! I love that # mask with the misting on it!

  4. Another fine and touching layout. This post was wonderful, it gave us a glimmer of HOW you scrapbook, and me the chance to realize that it is ok to NOT scrapbook in chronological order. Thank you for this.

  5. A fantastic LO.... I must ask, how did you transition away from chronological? I still haven't made that move- and it's stiffling sometimes since I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo far behind!
    As far as staying home- do you work in a practice that you can be part-time? I only work one day/wk (dental hygiene) and while I know for most that wouldn't be worthwhile, I imagine in your profession 3/4 or 1/2 time is still worth doing! Patients tease me that I work so little- but I always say it's my EASY day!!!


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