Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Kelly Gang

It's school holidays at the moment which means I got to spend a whole afternoon with my two favourite 'students'. Olivia and Georgia came over for a bit of card-making and craft last week and we had a few hours of fun.

Olivia (she's 15) made some cards.....

Pinwheels might just become my new thing. I love how happy and bright this turned out.

Putting some techniques into practice here - stamping, embossing, inking, punching......
This card (above) and the following two cards were lifted from one of my favourite card-makers Jen Shears. I tell you, that woman never fails to inspire :-)

Learnt how to do some rolled fabric flowers.

and some simple hand-stitching. Great work Olivia.

And then Georgia, my 9 year old wanted to do some home decor items (well..... bedroom decor really) so she made this monogram for her door, as well as a few strands of my version of Polish Chandeliers to hang from her light fitting (but unfortunately I didn't get any photos of that - they turned out really nicely though)

I hope they had fun.....
I did!


  1. wow, your young friends sure have a talent, their work is super!!!!! I like those pinwheels as well, I'll have to find a tutorial on how to make them ... wouldn't they look nice with a banner, or would that be too much???? LOL.
    xxx Peggy

  2. Great projects--my favs are the top 2!

  3. All of these are great, and once again so neat to see people sharing their talent with the younger generation. I agree that Jen S. is one amazing designer, and so are you.

  4. aww....shucks. :)
    I love that you're sharing your passion AND talent!!! Looks like you've got some talented pupils too!


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