Friday, July 23, 2010

New Sauce

A couple of days ago I came across Hammerpress on my blog travels - after seeing them on Amanda Johnson's blog. Hammerpress specialise in "superfine letterpress ephemera" and I particularly enjoyed browsing through all of their amazing posters. But almost immediately they struck me not only as amazingly beautiful but as a great source of inspiration for putting together a layout.

For example, that very same night I rushed into my scrap-room and quickly pulled this one together:

With the exception of the clear envelope at the top (and sorry about the glare) I've used my Kreatorville April kit, with the blue alphas from the January kit.

I've pretty much just copied the design straight off this amazing poster from Hammerpress:

Of course, I added a few of my own little touches - like all the washi tape..... I couldn't stop myself!

And I'm pretty sure 'faithfulness' is the longest word I've ever used on a title before, but what a great way to use up your alphas :-)

A bit of journaling about how grateful I am to know God's love in my life. But scrapping a page about it was inspired by Keandra's blog post and pages here.

Then while I was on a roll, I decided to take another poster and do a different page. I used this amazing poster from Hammerpress:

And turned it into this layout:

Using my Kreatorville March kit.

Certainly in both my layouts I know I haven't really got the colour combo's quite right (but I was trying to limit myself to my kits). And certainly I remembered too late that I've made my own rule never to 'splatter' red Glimmermist because it always looks like a blood-bath!!

But I'm still pretty happy with how they turned out. What I already noticed that a lot of these poster's make a large amount of their impact from their title-work and typography, so unless you've got a million alphas (but let's face it - who hasn't?!!) then this might stand in your way. Alternatively, I'm thinking of making it hybrid and perhaps doing some of the title work or journalling on the computer to save my stickers :-)

But I think it's really fun to find a new source of inspiration from which to create.
Have you got any unusual places where you find great inspiration? I would love to hear :-)


  1. Oh, how divine these layouts are. A great perception on the posters as well. I have a fine appreciation for typography (after studying it for four straight years) and to see someone else really appreciate it in the crafing world warms my heart. Oh, and I like to visit this blog for inspiration-she's got some great tips on colors, design, etc.

  2. WoW, these are just fabulous! Definitely will check out the site you recommend ... if I can create something half as nice as this from visiting them, it's worth the trip!

  3. Such a cool source of inspiration, your pages look amazing! Also love the color combinations on both of 'em!

  4. They're both beautiful Natalie! I especially like the title of the second one! It was interesting to hear how these LO's came to be, where you get your inspiration from. Me, I just look at the pictures, decide which papers to use, and let an image build in my head. Then I just work from there... When I do need some further inspiration, I usually visit other people's blogs and look at their work. So much inspiration to be found on the net!
    xxx Peggy

  5. Babe, I think you're working these kits harder than ME!!! I LUUUV your inspiration, the sun behind the picture and the paint splatters!! I think I'm gonna kreate a page from that last poster...thanx!

  6. I love them both!! I don't think many people would have the same take on the red mist splatters- silly doctor!!!! :D
    I love lots o' fonts too- almost all of my cricut carts are font ones! (now to put them to use....)


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