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Kreatorville Kraft (+1) Day Seven

Let's continue on with the Kreatorville May kit today shall we?
Yes, we shall!

This kit proved to be so popular it sold out!! And I'm sure you can see why. Look at those lovely papers. I spy some Crate Paper and Jillibean Soup new releases as well as some classic papers by Sassafras Lass, Pink Paislee, SEI and Jenni Bowlin. Yes that's right.... count them... 10 patterned papers!

And then, on top of the two sets of alphas and Buzz and Bloom chipboard, the twine and the rhinestone word were these...
2 doilies and 2 buttons and 2 chipboard borders from the Chip Chop Shop. Yes, our very own Leeann Pearce's Etsy cracked a kit! (and it's certainly not the only time she's done this)
Then there was the SEI ink-pad. I don't know about you - but copper ink became my new essential item.
And... the Pink Paislee artisan tape. That's been on my "Must Get" List since CHA!

Once again I couldn't resist the lure of using up both my handmade Title and Embellishment on the one page. It seems so excessive - I really want to share the love around. But they're were both just so perfect for this layout that I couldn't stop myself! 

It's hard to capture, but that title is really sparkly and gorgeous.
And can you see the variation of colour in the background yellow/orange cardstock? As much as I would like to take credit and tell you I did something wonderful to alter it like that, I have to tell you the truth...... this is how it came. We got this version, and another pink/red version (both by SEI) as 2 out of the 4 pieces of cardstock in the kit. I hadn't seen it before but it's quite beautiful.

I did a bunch of fussy cutting the flowers out of one piece of Crate Paper, and the handbags out of the other to piece them all together on this layout. I added a lot of rhinestones (that came in the March kit) to all the flowers, and I used that Pink Paislee tape to create little leaves here and there. And can you also spy one little Chip Chop Shop red doily hidden in there?

I loved the vintage-wallpaper vibe to this SEI paper, and really wanted to feature it on my page. I wanted to leave lots of it showing so you could all see it and love it too! Cutting the butterfly out of a doily and using the negative was an idea I got from Debee Campos, and I was able to squeeze my journalling into it (just!). And I used the Pink Paislee tape on this page too, this time as a frame around my photo.

I followed a tutorial that Peggy gave on the Kreatorville blog for altering our embellishments, particularly these chipboard buttons from the Chip Chop Shop. I don't always think of doing things like that, but Peggy's the Queen of Alteration, so she was my inspiration for drawing the little scallops and colouring the edges of the buttons like this.

And now... speaking of the wonderful Peggy (who's lucky enough to be on the Kreatorville DT) guess who did a little interview with her so that you would all get the chance to know her a bit better? Yes, me!! I feel very honoured and I couldn't wait to share this with you.

Here's what she had to say:

My name is Peggy.  I live in Antwerp, Belgium.  I'm a SAHM and mother of three, one boy Yannis (10) and two girls, ChloĆ« (9) and Christina (8).  I've been married to Kurt for 12 years now, but we've been together for almost 20 years, and we're still going strong!  I started scrapping about 2 years ago, and I've loved every minute of it.  I can't imagine ever stopping, I'm sure you'll agree with me on that!

How did you come to be on the Kreatorville DT?
Becoming a part of the KK team actually happened without me truly realizing it LOL.  I met Keandra on  She was on my "favorite artists" lists as soon as I found her and her awesome LO's.  When I found her blog, I started following that too, and we started leaving each other comments.  This is where she not only dazzled me with her talent, but with her sparkling personality as well.  One day, Kean asked me to make some LO's using her hand-made titles.  I figured she was setting up an etsy shop, needed some help, and I was only too happy to oblige!!   However, it turned out to be so much more ... Before I had truly realized what happened, I was part of an actual kit club!!!  Lucky me, right?  Working for Keandra is great, she's a lovely woman with a warm heart who is set on making her venture a success.  She welcomes our input and makes us feel like an appreciated part of the team, which is a nice feeling!

What's been your favourite kit? and why?
Well, that's a very tough question,  I loved working with all of the kits!  Those of you who have seen my work before working with Kean's kits, know that I'm not really into using a lot of embellies.  I like to make my own embellies, make the pages "my own", and I guess my favorite kits would have to be those where I could be the most creative with the papers and embellies at hand.  If you're really asking me to pick one, I would have to choose the March kit.  Or maybe the November kit LOL, though the January kit was really fun to work with as well LOL!  Not much of an answer right???  

What's been your favourite layout that you've kreated from the kits?
Asking me to choose a fav LO is a slightly easier question, though again I'm torn between two ... I hope it's okay for me to share both with you.  There are a lot of LO's made with the kits that I love, especially because for each LO I try to use kit products only.  I don't think I've ever used anything from my stash on my kit examples, except for materials like paints and stitching threads.  Because I use only kit products, all of the LO's turn out different.  Some of the pages are true "Peggy pages", other pages aren't really my usual style.  It's this diversity which makes me love working with the kits so much.  Trying to work with merely kit products demands a bit of creativity, and my fav LO's are the ones which stretched my creativity the most: "One day you will" (November kit) and "Blossom" (March kit).  I guess these are my absolute favorites because they come closest to my "Peggy style".  However, I really love my LO "Eight" as well.  This is not my usual thing, but I love how I used the brads and numbers on this page.  Oh well, so maybe I wasn't exactly telling the truth when I said this was an easier question LOL!

I was so glad Peggy chose this layout as one of her favourites, because it's mine too! In fact, it was chasing this layout down that caused me to stumble upon the Kreatorville site myself, so I owe a lot to this layout. And I just love it!!

And this is just stunning too. As Peggy said in her interview, you'll notice how she very often uses paints and inks to completely alter the way a paper looks. And this is such a great example. I love how you can still tell it's the Sassafras bingo paper under there, but it's now so very unique and so very Peggy!

I'm just loving the repetition of numbers here, and the way the brads look like party lights. And of course, everyone is aware of my bunting-love!! If a page has bunting on it, it's a winner in my book!!

Thank you so much Peggy for allowing us all a little insider's look into the world of Kreatorville Kraft.

Things to remember:
1. Check out Peggy's own blog for more inspiration
2. Leave your comments on this post to go into the draw for some Kreatorville goodies
3. Go and check out Keandra's deal for 50% the November, December, January and February kits. 
4. Come back tomorrow for the last instalment of Kreatorville Week


  1. Oh, my, another fabulous kit! Is there no end to Kreatorville wonderfulness?

    Love your fabulous LO's. Now off to explore at Peggy's!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Both your and Peggy's layouts are amazing. So inspiration and chuck full of goodies. Thanks for sharing them with me (er, us?)

  3. Sweet Natalie, you're giving me way too much credit, but I must admit it's nice to hear such praise, especially from someone who I admire so much myself! Thank you, you've made my day!
    Hugs xxx Peggy

  4. Shame on me ... I forgot to tell you how much I love YOUR May kit LO's ... but then again, you already know I love all of your work, right???!!!
    xxx Peggy

  5. I noticed it was sold out and I too see why! Yours and Peggy's layouts are just fabulous! i can see why you can't resist using the embellishment and titles on the same page they look amazing! Loving this Week!

  6. Wow... great LOs, both by you and by Peggy! :) Thanks for the great interview... Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow- the creativity between the two of you is almost overwhelming!!! So unique and gorgeous- ALL of those LO's! And what a fun interview :)

  8. what an amazing kit!love your works.

  9. I just LOVE your layouts in this post!! What great composition - dont' even get me started on the materials. Gorgeous!!
    And Peggy's work is amazing. What she did with those "8s" - brilliant!

  10. The colors of this kit are really pretty! Love the layouts! We are on holiday today! Will visit you more when we get back!


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