Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are you ready for this?

I just recently came across Pretty Little Studio, have you heard of them before? Their logo states "Fresh Vintage, Whimsical Fun" which I think just sums up my style to a tee, so you can see why I was instantly smitten with their lovely product lines.

And whilst browsing through their blog I came across the most inspiring sketch challenge and I knew I would have to play along!

I simply rotated the sketch 90 degrees CCW and filled up the long column with my journaling instead of adding it at the top. Because you know me..... I had a lot to say :-)

I've decided that one of my scrappy goals for this year is to include more memorabilia on my pages, especially things like this - homemade cards, cute little drawings, notes of love. I'm often finding things like this around the house, or they're delivered into my hands because Munchy has a real passion for drawing and writing right now.

She's real keen to practice her letters and numbers, and can write her own name and a few simple words without prompting. And she's also getting more imaginiative with her creative drawing too. This cute little drawing is of me and The Man - as you can see we're made out of hearts. This drawing prompted this layout actually, as it made me realise I need to treasure these little pearls of love.

And what I journalled about was not only her writing and drawing abilities but how these are going to stand her in good stead now she's about to start school in a couple of weeks. Because it doesn't seem like it's a question of whether she's ready, I think it's more a question of whether I'm ready?!

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  1. Awesome take on the sketch!! You have created a beautiful LO..x

  2. So your style! And a lovely LO!
    Hard to believe she starts school already! I can tell you I cried & Hadley didn't! (I kept it together in front of her!) good luck!


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