Sunday, February 12, 2012

How Wonderful Life Is

Don't you just love it when scrappy mistakes become creative opportunities that turn out even better than the idea you had in the first place? And how a new favourite layout is born in the process? Well... let me introduce you to my next page.....

So I started off strong.
I had this wonderful photo of my nephew with his piercing blue eyes and baby-smooth skin. And I had a rather wonderful new Studio Calico kit in my hands. Plus... even better than that.... I had an IDEA!!

Taking my cue from the Silhouette title I had cut I thought it would be cool to have some kind of image of the world filling a large area of my layout. And I foolishly thought I could get away with drawing/painting my own version as a way of unleashing the inner artist within me. I was wrong.... very wrong!

I kept adding to it, and 'improving' it, then painting over it (notice how warped the background paper is?) until I could take it no more. So I went to bed. And in the morning it came to me! That fabulous October Afternoon map paper I had been hoarding! Why hadn't I thought of it earlier?!!

I measured it out and cut little gaps into it so I could fit it around the embellishments I had already stuck into place (stupidly) and then doubly stitched it in so no one could accidentally reveal the 'artistic' mess it hides! Ta Da!!!

And that's how my new favourite layout was created :-)


  1. What a fun story of a layout being born.
    He truly does have amazing eyes.

  2. Fantastic story! I love how 'mistakes' turn into favorites! That is what I love about this craft! Love this layout! Beautiful!

  3. Oh, I just love how this turned out! Beautiful beautiful!!

  4. Mistakes are just the best.... this looks fab.

  5. hehe, love your LO and the story behind it :)

  6. I was talking about this very thing with a friend who paints/illustrates, mistakes sometimes turn in to favorites. I love your title too, I am researching the silhouette for a future birthday present, possibly.

  7. Hi Natalie :) Was just blog hopping and am super excited to see what you've been creating with the silhouette. Mine is winging it's way from the US right now and you have made me wish it was here now!!!!


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