Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Every Child is Amazing....... especially mine!!

If you've been around here long enough you know that one of my driving passions this year has been to include more memoribillia, and specifically my children's artwork, into my scrap pages.

My eldest is quite crafty herself and loves to sit down and draw. I love that she might just have inherited that from me ;-) But it does mean that we have piles and piles of old drawings hanging around the place... and really.... you can only keep so many right? Usually I'm sneaking the excess ones into the recycling bin at night while she sleeps!

But of course there's still so MANY that I keep and I'm working on different ways of incorporating them into my layouts so that it's like a collaborative project. I feel like I'm even better at capturing this moment in time if I do that.

This drawing in particular was a landmark so it deserved it's own layout. Do you remember me saying last year how Munchy had been asked to draw a picture to include on some friends' wedding invitation? Well this is the end result! Can you see how the two little figures are passing a ring between them? And the woman is holding her bouquet of flowers? Quite cute I think!

On this layout you can see how I obviously used her drawing more as a background, and I took my colour inspiration for the rest of the layout straight from it. That's just one method of course, another method I've used is to blend the drawing seamlessly into the layout by painting my own extension of it.... that's the method I've demonstrated in my very first scrappy video I'm sharing at Scrap Friends right now. Eeeeeekkkkk! I'm so nervous - you can totally tell! Go and check it out and let me know what you think!



  1. What a lovely idea to keep a sweet memory!!!

  2. i absolutely adore this layout...what a clever little girl....what did you use down the bottom of your layout for the shapes???

  3. Such a great way to cherish those special art works :) I may just have to scrap-lift this idea myself :))) Your little one is a clever little cookie. My 3-year old bought a painting home from kindy today. My 7-year old and I both said together -'what a cool fish!' He looked at us as though we were mad and retorted - 'Its a digger' -Ofcourse it is honey :)


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