Saturday, May 5, 2012

International Scrapbooking Day

It's an overcast dreary day here - drizzling with rain. Which suits me quite fine on this International Scrapbooking Day. Good weather for staying inside and creating :-)

I've been working on a few ideas lately for cutting out a large shape (in this case a monogram) and filling the negative with different embellishments.

For this card I rolled some different coloured pieces from My Mind's Eye Alphabet Soup collection and glued them behind my giant letter 'G'. It's kinda fun I think?

To celebrate Scrapbooking Day gorgeous Angela at Scrap Friends is offering 25% off the entire stock. But it's for today only, so you really need to rush over there now!!

Guess what else I've been doing today? Something which excites me enormously but scares me senseless at the same time.... I've been making my very first scrappy video!! Eeeeekkkk!!

Epic fail, or mediocre success remains to be seen. Stay tuned for that :-)

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  1. I think your style is so very unique, a video showing how you do, what it is you do, will be amazing. Good luck!!

  2. Great design! I really love to see people create new techniques and think outside the box! Very clever =)

  3. I think you did really well on the video!! love the idea of incorporating kids art!


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