Monday, March 4, 2013

The Story of Calvinball vs Scattergories

Do you know what Calvinball is? Ever heard of Calvinblogging?
Don't have a clue?! Well that was me a little while ago too, although this is not the first time we've played this game on the Jenni Bowlin Mercantile forum. It's becoming an annual tradition I think.

Let me explain things a little. The first rule of Calvinball is there are no rules. Or at least no set rules. They get changed all the time, and you're free to try and sweet talk yourself into more points as you see fit. But just to give you an idea, here are just some of the guidelines we've come up with so far....

1. the rules are subject to change at any time by anyone.
2. layouts = 1 point
3. the layout is the gold standard. all other projects are measured against the almighty layout.  
4. smack talking is expected.
5. cheering on your teammates is also expected.
6. the reward is the huge feeling of accomplishment at the end of the month! (oh and there's a JBS gift voucher to be won as well!)

The Point System:
1 point per layout (2 pagers are 2 points)
1 point per project life page
1/2 point per card
1/2 point per mini-album spread
1 point for art journal pages OVER 6x6 inches
1/2 point for art journal pages 6x6 inches and smaller
altered art awarded on a case by case basis

Plus already there's a bunch of different ways you can earn weekly bonus points, and one-off bonus points too. 

My tally so far:
Calvinblogging =2 (Calvinblogging is blogging every day for points :-)
Layouts = 1 (although I'm awarding myself 2 points for this one because it's for our Scattergories challenge)
Weekly Bonus Points = 1 (for using more than 5 JBS products on a page)
One-Off Bonus Points = 1 (for scrappy shopping) and 1 more (for doing a scrappy giveaway which I posted on my blog yesterday)
That makes my total = 7

Now lets talk about this layout! I made it for the Scattergories challenge which is also running at JBS at the moment. This is where everything on our page has to begin with the assigned letter. My letter for this page is 'V'. It actually turned out to be a bit easier than I first imagined. For a start, I've made my colour scheme vanilla and violet ... with a little bit of creative liscence for what you consider to be violet ;-) Next I added a fabulous FWAB Vine, vellum, wood veneer pieces, Valentines theme (with the heart) and used a lot of vertical lines in my design. It's come together nicely I think. 

So if you're up for a challenge then how about trying it out, and/or joining the Calvinball fun? Both challenges have a $25 gift voucher up for grabs!




  1. Great Calvinblogging Natalie!! Lovely layout! I just love your heart with beads!! xo Evie

  2. This is a really lovely whimsical LO...& I must say, yay for you leaving some white space:):):)!!!!!!!!!! ....but what I want to know is how come it's called 'CALVIN'blogging - where'd the name come from????

  3. The banners are amazing! Love the softness to this LO..x


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