Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Story of her Training Wheels

There's a few days left before I draw the winner of my RAK, so there's still time to enter here.

I'm planning on using the month of March where I'm in limbo (before finding out the results of my big exam in April and then I have to knuckle down to studying again) to take part in some scrappy challenges where I can. I do enjoy a good challenge!

I found this one where Elle's Studio have partnered up with Gossamer Blue and challenge you to scraplift one of their designer's pages. I thought that would be a good one to start with to get the creative juices flowing! In fact the hardest part was choosing which layout to lift because there's so many awesome pages to pick from :-)

In the end I picked this page by Elle's Studio Designer Katie Gordon to base my own layout on. What really attracted me to it was her clever use of lettering to make a long quote into a title, and all the layers of paper and tags as a photo mat.

I have to be honest though - it got a little tedious sticking each of those letters on individually. I guess I'm not very patient with things like that. It got even worse when I finished the page, hung it on the wall, took my photos and then had scrappers-remorse and wanted to change them all around! Ever so gently I lifted them all up again and stuck them in their new arrangement (and changed their colour in the process too). You'll have to tell me which version you like better because ultimately I'm still undecided!

The second version of my layout also includes the journaling which is always important to me so I'm glad I added that. It tells the story of how Munchy has really become interested in riding her bike around everywhere this summer. And she's getting so much better at it. The next hurdle is now to take her training wheels off - she can't wait for that too. Maybe that will be her challenge this coming weekend!

I used a variety of Elle's Studio Summer Lovin' Tags which were just perfect for my theme. Love their fun colours :-)



  1. I think Iike the letters with a bit more depth of colour, they look amazing as does this whole layout.
    I hope you get great results for your exam.

  2. I like the letters in the original LO....but I LOVE the journaling on the version #2....soooo the moral of the story? NEVER ask us scrappers what we think. Unless you want to be even more confused. I must admit, one of the BEST fun bits I have watching your videos is the Nat Shuffle:):):)!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, they make you SUFFER a looooong time before deigning to give you your results. Surely it can't actually TAKE that, if you're ever in a position to change things.......

  3. stunning!! I love both but am leaning towards the LO with the journaling! I love "the story" on pages and I guess that makes me partial to this particular LO. That and the letters pick up the detail in the clouds from the photo! LOL!! Gorgeous LO regardless..x

  4. Wow, gorgeous. I love the long title. Your photo is stunning. Inspirational♥

  5. I think I prefer the letters in the finished version. Love the whole long title.


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