Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Story of the Whinging Song

What a good mother I am......

She bursts into tears (could be she's throwing a tantrum, could be she's actually sad) but the point is - my scrapping instinct took over and I stop to take a photo first before I comforted her.
Please tell me I'm not the only one that does things like this?

Before I show you how I took on the Scraptherapy March Sketch Challenge I thought I better show you my February attempt first. I found this sketch was quite inspiring and challenging as it left so much open to interpretation.

I started off by making that large square into a stencil feature. I chose one of my favourite TCW Balzer Designs 6x6" cloud stencils, sprayed it until saturating with a couple of mists and then plonked it face-down onto my paper. Fun hey? They rest of the layout built up from there.

The story behind this layout is a little bit strange. I'm not sure if other families are like this, but on regular occasion we've taken to disciplining our girls in song form. What I mean is that instead of yelling back at them when they throw a tantrum (which is rather tempting.... and still happens too of course) The Man made up a catchy little tune with lyrics that teach a good lesson and we annoyingly sing that to them instead ;-)

We've got a couple of songs, but the most commonly sung lyrics go "you can whinge all you want, but the answer is no, the answer is no, the answer is no!" etc.
Certainly this is one family oddity that needed to be documented. I'm sure as they grow older they're going to complain about these crazy things, and I needed to get the true story out before it turns into legend.



  1. I love your idea of a song that may get a good result or aggravate enough that it makes the parent smile, happy singing. The layout looks great too.

  2. Fabulous story. LOVE your strategy...I used to laugh at mine. It really stopped em in their tracks. Worked!!!! And your cloud bg? Great!!!!

  3. lol! great story to the page too!


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