Friday, March 15, 2013

The Story of the Linear Layers

Just to keep things rolling along in theme I thought I'd now share with you my take on the March sketch challenge at Scraptherapy (since in my last post I shared my February interpretation).

Sometimes I think I'm so focussed on scrapping the 'everyday moments' that it can take me a little while to build up the courage to scrap the big events as well. But this is highly important too of course, so finally I've come to scrap the photos from Munchy's 6th birthday..... from September last year!!

I interpreted the sketch in quite a linear way, and translated it into a grid design. But I've still got the main elements of the two photos on the right, and the equally weighted large decoration/embellishment on the left.

I recently picked up a few more 6x6" Crafter's Workshop stencils at the Scrapbook Expo and I literally just traced around this lovely graphic number stencil with a black pen. I cut out the number six separately and misted the background to add emphasis to it alone.

I had fun with this colour scheme in case you couldn't tell!! Reminds me of lollies.. which is perfect for this party layout. I'm so glad I've finally finished this. Now I've got to work on Moodle's last birthday, but at least that was in November so I guess I've got a couple of months left up my sleeve ;-)

Sometimes I try to define my design style or wonder how I would describe it to someone. I've decided that I'm going to call my current style "linear layers". What do you think? Does that sound right?



  1. Sounds about right! I think that's a great name for your style:):) And I LOVE this LO & was wondering about getting this now I think I will have to:):)!!!!!!!!!!
    LOve how you've 'switched it up' & I so like that blue paper with the little stars, too....great story, as always:):) Have a lovely weekend...a bit cooler down your way finally???!!!!


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