Monday, March 18, 2013

The Story of My Doctor Husband

I'm so very blessed to have a husband like mine. One who is willing to stay at home and look after the girls, who cooks all the meals and does most of the housework too.

I think some men would find it tough to take on that role, whilst allowing me to go out and work full time as a doctor. But that is the way we always planned it to be before we even got married, and long before we ever had children. And it works for us.

I began this layout with the idea that I wanted to use those fabulous Evalicious "You and Me" stamps and sprinkle them like giant confetti. I wanted to mix them up and make it almost confusing which ones said "You" and which said "Me". I wanted them to be a contrasting cascade of ombre colours.
I think I achieved all those goals?

I wanted the stamped circles to be all mixed up like this to represent what I've said in my journaling. It reads, "We're so perfect together that sometimes it's hard to tell where you finish and I begin. Even our bank occasionally gets us confused".
So does the school too actually.
What I mean is that we sometimes get mail that's addressed to Dr Michael and Mrs Natalie. I guess they're just taking the stereotypical approach that the doctor of the house must be the man.

It doesn't actually bother me that much.
And I think it secretly pleases The Man! ;-)


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  1. Aww, that is really sweet Natalie - you and Michael have a great thing going! Love your work :-)

  2. Cute, cute, cute---love your 'ombre' effect, too - my DH's son looked after their THREE [!!!!????] girls while 'Mum' went to work...the 'mothers-at-the-school-gate' took a while to 'warm' to him at the very beginning ~ but after that, he became well & truly part of the mob, albeit the only male. We're going back 15 years ago. Good on your Man. Just GREAT it works for you guys, too:):):)

  3. So glad to see you do a layout about the 2 of you! That's great.

  4. I love this so much, mind you I may be biased as you are my precious Daughter in Law so that makes me "the Man's Mum!!"

  5. Ooh! Love the word bubbles. Did you get my e-mail? Thanks.


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