Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Story of 3 for 3

There's no doubting that I'm not always the world's best mum. My family often pays the price for my career. The Man came into this arrangement willingly, but the kids didn't have a choice. And whilst I try my absolute hardest to make sure they never lack attention, it's simply not possible to spend 100% of my time with them.

I miss out on things naturally. Award ceremonies at school, taking them to friend's houses, dinner-time conversation, putting them to bed, milestones and new words (and those are only things I've missed out on this week). I overhear Munchy saying "I hope God doesn't ask me to be a doctor when I grow up because it's too much hard work", and I overhear Moodles praying "Please God let Mummy stay at home all day tomorrow." It's heartbreaking stuff.

But there are some things which will never be sacrificed. Birthdays of course are always a time for family celebration. A time for parties and lollies and gifts and cake and laughter and fun. Neither set of the kid's grandparents live in Melbourne with us, so an extended family gathering requires travel from at least some of us. On the occasion of Moodle's 3rd birthday we celebrated in stages. She ended up with a party here at home with us, then at The Man's parent's house, and thirdly at my parent's house too.

So sometimes I guess I allow some over-compensation! She had an absolute ball at each and every occasion. I don't mind that they spoil her rotten! 3 parties means an aweful lot of gifts, not to mention candles and cake but she didn't complain one bit ;-) She's growing pretty fast which is scary... and starting to talk about wanting a baby sister which is even scarier!

The inspiration behind this numbers page came from the current challenge at Pages of My Book. Check out the blog post and challenge details here. And thanks for listening to me blog.



  1. Aww that's beautiful, Natalie. Hopefully someday you will be able to work less, earn more and spend more time with your precious littlies. Birthing classes maybe? ;)

  2. Beautiful page and the story. They wont mind you missing all school awards ceremonies in 15 years time, but they will be proud of your career and they will be happy for all recorded memories you left them ;).

  3. I'm sure your little ones get quality time when you're at home and the other families you're helping will remember you forever. Great job Natalie.

  4. You are a very good Mother and person. You and your girls will have all these special pages to remember. Not many Moms do that either!

  5. Awesome layout!!!! Its hard to miss things, with us its hubby. As a farmer it is 7 days a week, very full on, but like you he makes the time for special things and that will be remembered more then me being at home with them all the time. Good luck and your kids are lucky to have you as a mum xoxo

  6. Life is all about compromise , really, isn't it? I reckon you do a pretty good job....& it's wonderful one of you guys can stay at home, that's pretty special:):) I wouldn't mind 3 parties....great celebration page here. My fave bit is the layers at the bottom. Loving those angles:):):):)


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