Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Story of My Ghostbusters Tee

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Thanks so much Kayla and Amanda for having me as your Guest Designer. It was such a blast!!

Hello again Polly! fans :-) It's Natalie back one last time (sob, sniff) to share the latest layout I made with the gorgeous Candy Dreams Polly Kit.

Whilst the kit in general was quite brightly coloured (you only have to look back at the other layouts created to see that) there were a few bits and pieces that were a little more toned down, and by focusing on them I've created a page that has an altogether different theme to it!

I started with the Amy Tangerine kraft paper as my background and then picked out the other woodgrain elements from the kit to match with it. That included the gorgeous Thickers of course, but also the wooden tags, toothpick flags and the Fancy Pants chevron paper.

Of course a colour scheme would be rather boring if it were just kraft and woodgrain, so I paired it with all the teal and blue tones, and used red as my highlight colour. I just so happened to have a photo that matched this exact colour scheme - a selphie I took in the bathroom mirror after I discovered an old favourite childhood T-shirt of mine and was checking to see if it still fit. The good news is... it did!! Albeit rather tightly ;-)

It's been an absolute blast working with the Polly! kit this month, and I hope you've enjoyed my little insights into how I create. Thanks so much for having me along for the journey Kayla. I can't wait to see what's coming up next!




  1. Don't think I'd fit into my old tee's now...*sigh* ...but glad you did...loving that 'limited edition' tag there & this colour combo is really, really lovely!!! The banners & those cute chevrons work beautifully...nice one, Nat:):):) I'll wave 'hi' tomorrow...cruising down the Yarra for a GF's 50th...popping down to sample some rain:):):)LOL.....


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