Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Story of my Scrapping Process

When I sit down to scrap I usually start off with the story I want to tell. Next I pick some photos that will work to help tell that story. Having the photos decided helps me with the next stage which is all about choosing a colour scheme. Only then comes the fun part about picking papers, alphas, journal cards and embellishments.

So when I sat down (or rather stood) at my scrap desk on this occasion I had in mind that I wanted to share the story of my Moodle's ideas on getting big. (Yes, I stand up to scrap... what do you do?) You see, she has it in her mind that she's not a 'big girl' until she's tall enough to touch the roof. It's a simple thing, but that's how she views the world right now. And that makes it significant enough for me to want to scrap it!

Once I chose some photos I drew my colour scheme straight from the shirt she's wearing - grey, pink and black. I added some red highlights and turned some of that grey into silver sparkles as well.

Turning to my Evalicious stash I was able to pick out some products that would work with the colour scheme. Like usual (for me) I knew I would need one of the journal cards to type all my journalling on and it would become quite a prominent feature on my layout, so I had to choose carefully. One of the cards from the Love You Lots 3x4 Tags was perfect.

Sticking with the Love You Lots collection I also chose some Snipsnip Page Tabs and Miscellany Tags to use as embellishments. The last thing I always add to my layouts is some stamped details. I think they give the page the right finishing touch. Here I used the Daily Note, Arrows and Words, and This is So You stamp with black ink to coordinate.

I would love to hear back from some of my followers though.... what's your process when you scrap? Do you start with a story like I do, or do you choose photos first? Or something else entirely?




  1. Firstly, I must sit to back gets sore from bending over if I don't!! Dunno how you manage to stand. Mind you, I AM over 50... & I ALWAYS start with the photo. Always. Well, nearly always. Unless I've been experimenting with backgrounds. Then I have to try & find a photo to suit. But that's not the norm. My guess is you're still on night duty, so I'm writing you a long post so's if no babies are born you will stay awake. Course this may put you to sleep. And actually, I'm avoiding the kitchen & the dishes. Yes, after 9:30 pm & I've gotta go tackle them. Once I've finished this. Sigh . Why can't they do themselves???? And I always take my colours from the photos. My fave bit of a page is to get the paper out, sit the photo on & go yes/no...whittle it down to 2-3....then go yes/no faster until I decide on one!!!! Aah well....can't put off the inevitable much longer. Delivering babies or doing the dishes??? Similarities.....round holes that water drains out of!!!! Anymore? Let me know if you can think of some!!!! Ta-Ra for now. Happy night duty:):):)

  2. TFS your scrappy process! I always start with the photos. I usually start out sitting, then I stand, and then I go back to sitting, etc. :) Evie

  3. I stand when I scrap too :) Its great to know someone else out there does the same as me. Love your layout

  4. Thanks for sharing your process with us! I am definitely a sitter...but I do stand up sometimes, and look down on the page to get a different view! I also start with photo's and then work from there! Super page here...I love the styling and the details!


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