Friday, May 10, 2013

The Story of the Sparkly Horses

Munchy is quite a generous little character. She wants to give handmade cards out to just about everyone.
All the time.
For pretty much any occasion you can think of. I need to have a perpetual supply of these things.

Now I certainly can't begrudge her cards for birthdays though can I? So with 2 celebrations coming up this week she wanted to make some special requests. They simply just HAD to have horses Mum!

There's not a great deal of horse embellishments in my stash, but ta da... the Silhouette to the rescue once again and I cut out these cute Dear Lizzy designed equines.

Being short on time (as per usual) I turned to my Pinterest boards for inspiration for quick card designs. I loved this one by KellyRas from the Two Peas gallery, and used it to guide my paper placement. I kinda used it like a sketch really.

But in a joint effort, it was Munchy whom I allowed to suggest paper choices at me. Obviously with a 6-year-old though it helps if I limit her. "Do you want this red paper or this blue one?" And then she told me she wanted glitter and bling.......

well who can blame her for taking after her Mumma like that?!

Speaking of which.
If you're also a bit of a Glitter Girl then you'll want to check this out.

Flourish With a Bling are a great company to work for. The girls are very friendly and approachable, the team is fabulous and the products are second-to-none (and in very generous supply!). Find out all the details on the blog here.



  1. These are so precious! The horse is adorable and I just *LOVE* the sparkle!

  2. I love horses- so these are right up my alley! Adorable :)!


  3. Munchy sounds like a girl that knows what she wants! So very cute

  4. WOw !Fab card ! never seen such lovely card with horse on it !

  5. Love both these cards. The horses look great against the silver circles.


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