Monday, September 30, 2013

The Story of Learning to Write

Loved the latest release from Jenni Bowlin. Rubons seem to be an often overlooked product these days but Jenni keeps on coming out with fabulous designs. The Gold Doilies are my favourite (although I am also loving the Speech Bubbles and Tiny Trims too).

The other new-release products on this page are the Happy Flatbacks and the Flash Card too. The "write" card is in fact where the concept of this layout all started from. Munchy is in her second year of school now and she loves to read and write. She devours books by the stack and when she's not doing that she'll happily get out her pencil and notepad and write down whatever comes to mind.

I have to say it's such a relief to see her enjoying school as much as she does, and I hope to continue encouraging her down this path. But I'm sure I'm not alone in my parental anxiety in wondering if I had done enough (or am doing enough) when she's at home. Am I a good parent? Do I teach her appropriate things? Have I taken her enough places? Should I have read more books to her / filled the house with classical music / made her do dance lessons sooner? etc etc! Slightly neurotic right?!

I took my choice of papers from the August Papercrafting kit to maintain a fairly monochromatic effect with lots of shades of whites and greys but with a vivid splash of red. Most of the papers you see on this layout are the exclusively designed ones by Lisa Dickinson. The chalkboard tag and the journal tag are also from the exclusive paper in the August Historian kit. Just another fabulous reason why you should become a kit subscriber!

Anyway, it's lucky that she enjoys learning as much as she does. In fact, most of it is self-directed and I barely have to do anything except keep supplying her with bunches of books. I hope it keeps up for a long time to come yet!



  1. I'm sure most parents suffer from similar neurotic tendencies! LOL! Well... at least I do so know that you're not alone! LOL! And my "little" girl is now in high school! Another beautiful LO..x

  2. You poor thing! And in the's up to them. I have one son who was/is VERY like your Munchy...the other, with the same encouragement....HATES reading/writing anything like that. So, as a wise 50+ yo I say...have it there, encourage, but please, don't stress. They'll be what they want to be in the end. AND - PS - I must admit being a little disappointed I couldn't 'direct' the un-learn-ed one more BUT he's doing just fine in life, is happy & totally LOOOOVES his fave bit are those gold doilies. Stupendous. Sorry about the dribble. Tired, I think:):):)

  3. Oooh Natalie I too love those Gold Doilies and think I need to get some ASAP :) I am constantly worrying about the same things with my kids and my eldest is in her 2nd year of school and sounds exactly same as your daughter. All we can do is hope that we are doing enough and help our kids blossom on their own. :)


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