Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I don't know about you, but when I'm not scrapping up a storm myself I like nothing better than checking out what other people have been up to. I love sitting down at the computer with a cup of coffee and doing some blog hopping. I wanted to share with you what has been inspiring me of late.

1. DJ Pettitt
Does some amazing stuff with Photoshop. Like check this out for example:

She regularly posts the individual photos that she combines in Photoshop to make each masterpiece. And if you know nothing about Photoshop (or even if you only know a tiny amount, like me) but you own it and you want to know how to put it to good use like this, then sign up for an online class she's about to hold in early January. I've been hinting very strongly to my husband that this is what I would like for Christmas! See her blog for all the details.

2. Kreatorville Krafts
Keandra does some amazing stuff with scrapbook kits.

I just signed up for a subscription after debating to myself whether it was going to be worth it to have to pay all that extra for postage (since it's coming from America). But I made a deal with her that I only get it sent every 2 months so I only have to pay half as much for shipping. So yesterday I got my November and December kits together and they are amazing. I've never loved EVERYTHING in a kit before, but I do these! And the best thing about them? Keandra hand-makes a title and embellishment every month to include in the kit, and you get to choose what it is! You seriously have to go and check it out.

3. Alisa Burke
Does amazing stuff with just about everything!

In the last few weeks she's posted a tutorial on making felted hats, a ruffled shirt, recycled gift tags, felt cookies, toilet paper roll angels, push-pin Christmas trees, napkin rings, the list goes on........ But I especially love what she does with Claudine Hellmuth's sticky-back canvas (which is a lot!) She paints it, and cuts it, and stitches it, and then makes it into purses, or placemats, or wreaths....... I told you, everything! These have all been tutorials too. Very talented lady.

Well that should give you enough to do over the Christmas break if you're on the computer at all! Have a wonderful and joyous Christmas, and remember 'Jesus is the reason for the season'.


  1. I saw your name in DJ Pettitts comments and thought I would come over and visit. Love your blog!! Your tags are great. I think I'll work on some tags next year. Love the idea.

  2. I'm feeling all warm inside...thanx SO MUCH for the love, Nat!!!! I'll be stalking you to see what you kreate!!!!


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