Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pet Starfish?

We recently had a wonderful time on a family holiday. We caught up with friends, we strolled on the beach, we played in the park and made lots of happy memories.

One of the highlights was a trip out to Daydream Island (yes it's as good as it sounds!!) where we were lucky enough to have a private tour of the biggest outdoor aquarium in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now when I say we had a private tour I don't mean that we arranged it that way or paid any kind of big bucks for it! I just mean we were lucky enough to organise it when no one else was around so we just happened to be the only ones!!! :-)

But it meant that the kids were given special treatment to be able to 'handle' the wildlife. They picked up baby sharks (there's a layout on that coming up soon!!) and stroked the stingrays, they fed the fish and held these amazing giant starfish..... which is obviously what this page is about.

The girls absolutely loved it. I thought perhaps they might be a bit shy or scared, but no, they couldn't get enough. In fact, I almost had to prise this starfish out of Moodles hands at the end of it otherwise it might have been coming home with us :-)

Have you had any exciting adventures lately?


  1. That must have been such a great day Nati! How wonderful that the girls were able to get so up close and personal with the wildlife! Love your page...fabulous as always!

    Sheree xx

  2. What an adorable page, love your colors and how cute are those photos. Gorgeous retro feel to them =)

  3. Came over from OUA..S ~ your lucky girls, it's the stuff you remember for years to come... love those little buttons, too:):)


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