Sunday, March 4, 2012

Smashin' It

Can you believe how long it's taken me to join the Smash craze?!! I can't believe I dragged my feet on this one! But don't worry, 'cos I'm making up for lost time now :-)

I've been churnning out the pages like some kind of scrapping/journaling machine.And lets not forget about then Instagramming all of them :-) Yes I know that makes for some poor quality images for the blogosphere, but it's quick and easy to be honest. I'll make an effort to take proper photographs of some of the other pages I've done so far if you're interested?

And speaking of interesting (and nail-biting exciting!!!!) if you look closely at the first photo and the last photo and can figure out which of the supplies are made by the same manufacturer then you'll have a head-start on working out who I happen to be Guest Designing for this month! EEEeekkkkkK!!!!!

I know some people question what you might do with a Smash folio because a short time ago I was one of them. But I am just loving that I can fill my pages with all my left over photos and left over products.

I'm using up all those photos that have either been scrapped before (and now I can tell a different side of the story) or never made it onto a page because of their quality. And for the first time I can honestly say I am 'killing kits' (as my definition of that is quite pedantic) because now I'm gluing down all the bits and pieces and making pretty things from them.

Do you Smash?
I'd love to see some links :-)


  1. Yes I am loving the new smash craze for all the reasons you mentioned and have posted some pages on my blog. A lot of my blog friends have said they have a book but haven't done anything with it yet, but I like that it's an ongoing project to start and stop anytime. Portable too! There's a Facebook group too - Smashaholics!

  2. Such sweet, sweet page! Looks wonderful!


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