Monday, January 21, 2013

The Story of What She Wants to Be When She Grows Up

It's one of those questions that inevitably gets asked a lot around kids isn't it? The dreaded "what do you want to be when you grow up?" question. I know we're just doing it out of polite conversation, or curiosity to know what interests them. But do we really expect a sensible answer out of a 3-year-old?!! LOL!

Munchy (who's 6) has a little bit of insight actually. She's stopped saying she wants to be a doctor ("because all you do is look up people's bits all day Mum!") and has started saying she wants to be a teacher instead. That sounds pretty reasonable to me...... and far less messy.

But I had such a heart-warming moment just the other day when the question was asked of Moodles (who's 3). She looked straight at me and said "I want to be you Mum". Not, "I want to be like you", but "I want to be you".  OOOoohhhhh!!! So sweet! I guess I must be doing something right to have inspired that answer :-) It certainly inspired me to go ahead and make this layout to commemorate the moment.

I picked this series of photos of Moodles "driving the Fire Engine" as she says, because it highlights her technically-oriented mind. Something I think we've got in common. Once I had my photos chosen I knew there were a couple of key embellishments I needed to use to enhance the theme.

I started with the FWAB Black Luke flourish because it's strong and dominating (whilst still bringing a slightly feminine touch) which I think describes me perfectly ;-) And nearly the whole packet of Evalicious School's In V1 buttons because clearly my history of studying for the last 25 years straight demands an excessive amount of school-themed products!!




  1. absolutely gorgeous Natalie! And such a wonderful thing for you to be an inspiration to your daughter.. even if she is 3!! :D

  2. love the layout and oh, I love her answer!!!! u must be doing something right! :D

  3. You're FUNNY...LOVE your justification for using so much Evalicious in one LO...& just hold onto this LO & shove it in Miss M's face when she's 14/15/16 & 'hates' you [if not in words, then in the looks she'll no doubt learn to give...course, you may be super lucky & this moment will NEVER occur...but, still, you are now prepared:):)]...with a sweet smile on your face whilst shoving it, of course....think you got a story in return for your story here....BTW....I LOVE your LO. Always do:):):)


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