Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Story of Optimism

Still scrapping those beach shots I see. Yep, and there's a few more to go too! If it makes any difference, I haven't actually journalled about anything beach-related, I just used the photo to represent the happy and carefree nature of my kids.

So this was attempt No#3 at trying to create an interesting background. Getting closer with this one I think. There was still 2 more attempts after this though (and 1 more background that never got further than just that) before I hit the jackpot. Still going very much down the mixed media avenue with this one too. I changed tack a bit after this which you'll see when I share the next attempt.

Layers of gesso, paint, stamping, stenciling and splattering. There's a fine line to this though as it seems to be all too easy just to make a big fat mess! However, you can always then cover up the worst of it with your paper ;-)

I like how on this layout 'the mess' seems to carry on the idea of the beach extending across the page. With it's blue/green paint representing the ocean, and the gritty gesso like the sand I think it comes close. Perhaps I could have even sprinkled some sand or included some shells. That could have been cool. Aaahhhh..... retrospect.

I took my journaling cues from the paper itself. I'm using an old Simple Stories collection "100 Days of Summer" which included these fun bits like 'don't worry, be happy' and 'relax' which are true of me and my general attitude. I'm an optimist by nature, and in fact it annoys me when people grumble all the time. I guess I believe that if you create a happy atmosphere then happy things will follow. Obviously I don't believe that nothing bad ever happens or that you shouldn't express your feelings, but perhaps in a more constructive or therapeutic avenue than say Facebook? But hey, I guess I'm just a 'glass-half-full' kind of person.



  1. ooh just love this!..I have covered many messes up in my time ;)

  2. Fabulous page Natalie - love your "more mixed media" approach!

  3. Love your sea - multi media bg going on...can't wait to see where you finally ended up!!! I'm having a ball with masks atm & I must say, Sanna is particularly inspiring with those - she's up over at TCW!!! Anyways, I the design of this page, too:):)

  4. Another awesome page! LOVE the background!


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