Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Handbook Project Life

Aaaaarrrgghhhhh! So I did it! I totally did it! I made my first Project Life spread.
And it's flippin' my mind that I'm so excited about this. After all, this is something that I thought I'd never do. Then a couple of months ago I bought some supplies, and started a PL Kit Subscription... which didn't actually change anything. I still didn't do anything.

A couple of weeks ago I printed some photos.
And still didn't do anything.

But then one day I got inspired, I slotted those photos into a page protector, added some beautiful cards from the Hello Hello PL Kit, scattered some embellishments and all of a sudden my first page was done! And it was so easy!

I'm planning on doing my album a little differently. I figure it's going to be a place where I document the days where I've got multiple photos from the one event I want to scrap. I'm not really one to do more than one layout from an event, so this will be my solution. I'm using a Handbook so it's a smaller space, and right now I'm assembling each spread pretty much straight from the kit so I don't need to worry about product choices.

I think this is going to be a good fit for me.



  1. ARRRGGH....just lost my comment....internet connection disappeared! ANYWAYS...was page & you're easily as that...soooo find PL fun, simple, quick & really effective AND from talking to my scrappy mates, kids & Other Big Peeps seem to enjoy browsing through these albums far more than normal scrap books. Another bonus!!!

  2. So happy to see you're doing Project Life now! It can seem overwhelming at first but it's actually kind of fun. I love putting things into the different pocket pages and then adding a few touches here and there. Love your first spread! :)

  3. yay.. you crossed over to the dark side of PL lol.. it is so fun!!

  4. YAY! Your page spread looks AWESOME!!

  5. I to thought I would never do PL. I tried to resist and then I brought some sleeves as they were half price and the PL cards are so gorgeous ! So now I am also converted to an extent. I think I will combine PL and traditional. I will mainly do my travel photos with PL. Love what you have done


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