Monday, February 2, 2015

The Story of Making More

You may have noticed there's been an absolute flurry of kid-art happening around these parts recently. I think that comes down to the combination of me being on maternity leave whilst the girls were still on holidays which meant we needed to fill in the day with as much quality time as we could manage. Luckily for me what they kept asking to do was "scrapping"!!

'Scrapping' is their term for anything crafty by the way. It usually doesn't actually mean scrapbooking! Their favourite activities usually involve painting. That's their medium of choice most of the time. But anything goes around here.

Apart from documenting all our creative times, I also want to make more effort to actually capture the artwork their creating. You may have seen the watercolour fruit series Bethany made that I shared as free downloads. That was one method of getting the art off the paper and into the computer. But I also want to get them into albums, so that's what I did here for this Handbook spread. I literally just stuck Moriah's drawing onto a spare card and cut it down to size so it could fit right in.

So I guess I'm just giving you fair warning that you're going to see quite a bit more kid-art around here if all my plans come to fruition!



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