Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lisse Street Reveal

It's reveal day over at Studio Calico and I'm rather excited that I get to play a part again this month. I'm fairly certain when the head-honchos decided April was the month to release the Australia stamp and die set that they also decided it would make the most amount of sense to send it to the only Aussie on the team to play with! Seems logical... and I couldn't agree more :-) 

Of course, what good is a stamp and die set if I didn't have some pretty papers to use it with as well? So I was lucky enough to also score the Lisse Street Main Scrapbooking Kit which I used to create this Handbook spread with. 

I'm desperately trying to complete my 2014 Handbook with all the monumental events of the year, and our September holiday to Queensland certainly counts as one of those! With lots and lots of photos to include it actually extends over multiple pages, so this became like a front-cover of sorts for the whole section.

I turned the Australia stamp and die into an interesting little add-in as it's just a touch too big to include into a 4x6" pocket (if you include Tassie in it's rightful place!) but that's cool by me because I've been tucking in lots of these types of inserts throughout my Handbook. I've pretty much decided that the Attacher die will be my most used die of the year.

I've since added another photo and some journaling to the back of the insert as well, but at the time I took the photo of my spread I hadn't quite decided what I was going to do with it. 

With so many pretty patterned papers in the Scrapbook Kit I wanted to include as many as I could onto this spread, but that meant when it came to my journaling I had to debate with myself how I was going to put it in. I didn't think I could journal directly onto the paper because the patterns are a little busy and I didn't think I would be able to read it. On the other hand, I didn't want to journal onto plain paper and stick it over the top because it would cover it all up. So the idea of compromising by journaling onto vellum was born. Rather happy with that!

Anyway, the Lisse Street Kits and all the Add Ons are on sale for now at Studio Calico. Check them out here. 

Or if you want the up-close and personal walk through, and you've been hanging out for the return of The Trophy Husband, then you're going to want to watch this....


Oh and PS. Did you notice that the Australia stamp and die also comes with a couple of cute extras like this koala? There's also a kangaroo and a fish and a boomerang. It's so fun!

Happy Scrapping!


  1. oh ive just read that the trophy husband is back....cant wait to watch.....btw love your use of the Ozzie stamp and whatcha doing with the NZ sure plenty of kiwis would love it (me included) if you dont want it....wanted the whole set but cant justify the price to purchase and send...but YAH SC on including us downunder!!!!

  2. I'm impressed with the Aussie stamp and Die - love what you've done with it too! :)


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