Friday, July 10, 2015

Moriah's Jan and Feb pages

Things I've learned via this process of catching up with Project Life....
1. All those month-specific embellishments in my Studio Calico kits that I thought weren't my thing (mainly because I find it so hard to scrapbook in the moment since I'm usually catching up on the past) are actually getting used now. And I love them! 

2. I'm finding a place to keep all those little bits of kid-art that are too pretty to throw away, but which seem to accumulate in ever-increasing piles. And I love that it helps tell the story of where they are at right now.

3. Instagram is my friend in this process. Most of the photos I use in my spreads were first posted there, so all I need to do is go back and see what I wrote at the time et voila... journaling done!

4. I want to include bright colours in all the spectrum of the rainbow in every spread. I can't help it!

5. Finding the balance between photos, kid-art, memorabilia, filler cards, journaling and my own cards from the 100 Day Project is hard, but I'm very happy when I think I've got it right!

6. Despite previous years declarations of never feeling drawn to do Project Life in a weekly way I can now understand why people do. I'm loving this!!

If you ever have any questions about what products I've used, or anything else you're wondering, don't hesitate to ask :-)



  1. Looks fabulous! The brights rock - I only wish I'd known about PL 20 odd yrs ago when my boys were young :/

  2. Awesome!!! Love how vibrant these PL pages are… love the Veggie Tales character! :)


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