Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bethany's June page

I admit it, this page is a bit of a favourite of mine from recent times. And here's some reasons why...

1. Despite me covering up most of the graphics on "The End" card with the photo I still really love the design of it (and it's corresponding "The Beginning" card from the Studio Calico Galileo kit) and was happy to use one of them. Although granted the reason for using it isn't that flash.... Bethany's best friend is moving schools :-(

2. I got to use a truckload of new Kellie Stamps throughout the spread, and customise them where necessary. For example, one stamp originally said "you guys make me laugh" but by covering the 'guys' with washi tape whilst I applied the ink, and then peeling it off before I stamped it I was left with a more appropriate sentiment for this photo! But every other stamp you see here is from the recent Kellie Stamps release. Except the chickens, they're from here.

3. And lastly I love this page because I got a decent amount of memorabilia stuck into it too. A photograph of a school assignment ("How to blow a bubble"), a letter to her Nanny, and a felt bow that I quickly whipped up on the spot when she insisted on adding it into the mix on Crazy Hair Day at school. The bow is now stapled to the front of the plastic pocket rather than tucked into it, we all know that would never work, but hopefully the staple should stop it from budging.

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