Sunday, August 21, 2016

Illustrated Faith - August edition

Oh man, the monthly kits from Illustrated Faith just seem to be going from strength to strength! I was going to say 'better and better' but I don't think that's quite true. It's more like they haven't missed a beat! Even though each kit is completely different in it's style and purpose (they all have different authors after all) they are all cohesively fabulous!

Let me show you a little insight into some of the previous kits before I dive into what's coming next.

A couple of months ago we had "Blessings or Lessons" and it completely changed the way I approach these devotionals. Previously I would read them, perhaps jot a few notes down as it spoke to me, and then declare to myself that I would later on return to journal those thoughts into my Journaling Bible or Praise Book. But we all know what's it like to actually get to 'later on'..... it never really happens does it?!

So I started doing my journaling and embellishing directly into the devotional as I went along. WOW! It works so much better for me this way. I truly feel like I'm back to that place where I'm able to connect my faith with my creative side and thoroughly enjoy this time spent in His presence.

Now sometimes I still feel like I need to approach it in a more 'traditional' way and get it stuck into my Bible as well.

So when it came to the "Yes and Amen" kit I used some of the entries in my devotional to prove as a sort of testing ground (or practice area) and copied them over into my Bible too.

I found myself using lots of the Printables from the Print and Pray shop throughout this devotional too. It's an easy 'cheat' way of getting some great illustrations onto my pages without needing to possess that type of artistic skill myself!

Now the devotional kit that we're still currently in is called "I am Strong" and it's written by our scrappy friend Wilna Furstenberg. I'm working a little bit behind the Illustrated Faith team so I've only just started mine in the last few days and have nothing to share yet, but if you check out the Illustrated Faith Instagram account, Shanna has just posted all of her completed pages for you to oggle!

This kit is still available in the DaySpring Shop HERE.

But the exciting this is the next kit gets released on Monday and it looks like it's going to be another amazing addition to the line up. It's called "Through Christ" and it's already making my rainbow-loving heart go pitter patter! Plus that blue ink!

You can find the sneak peek for this in the Day Spring shop HERE.

And something that's technically not Illustrated Faith related but which has us all with #hearteyes is the latest lot of Sadie Robertson products. Check out the unboxing video Shanna has done above, and then check out all the products in the Day Spring shop HERE. 



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