Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jot Kids: Bethany's entry

Bethany is 10 and she's a creative kid. She'll make up stories and come up with fantastical ideas and she loves to write.

She's also a real sucker for a challenge!
Meaning... she's pretty competitive ;-)

She's also got quite the memory on her, and she must ask me every school holidays if Jot Magazine has put out another Jot Kids challenge. She was thrilled when I told her there was indeed a Mood Board issued just for kids for the month of January! She wanted to work on her layout straight away!


She jumped on the computer first and chose some photos she wanted to scrap. This is her and Moriah and their cousins at my brother's wedding a couple of months ago and it's a great subject to scrap. She got The Trophy Husband to print out the photos she chose, and he didn't think to edit them first to improve the quality/brightness of these. But I guess that's not the point!

Next she ran to my scrap supplies to chose out some fun papers to scrap with. She wanted papers that were bright and bold and would represent all the colours of the rainbow, just as the Mood Board suggested. 
I love that when she designed the layout of her page she made sure to leave (what she thought would be) enough space to write out her journaling. Turns out she had so much more to say and her journaling spilled further downwards across the patterned paper as she finished her story.  
She's such a girl after my own heart!

Clearly she's pretty happy with her finished piece. She said "I'm going to present it just like the ladies on TV do when they have something to sell" as I try to take her photo! Crazy girl!!

If your creative kids are looking for something to do in January then look no further that the Jot Kids Mood Board challenge. The generous Anita from Flutterby Designs has once again sponsored a prize for the lucky winner. You can find all the details HERE.



  1. You are awesome Bethany. Thank you SO much for entering our challenge for Jot Kids. We love your layout and especially love your photo where you are presenting your layout for us!!


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