Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What's an eMook?! The Story of Jot Pockets 1

Popping in real quick to share something exciting!

Have you heard of an eMook before? I have to admit that before this week I hadn't either! But my friend Kim Archer (the genius behind the hugely popular Jot Magazine) has just released one, and it's spectacular! It's called Jot Pockets and it's filled with inspiring ideas to help you create DO-ABLE pocket pages.

I downloaded my copy yesterday and I'm purposely taking it slow because every page has got me running to my scrap room to try out something new I've seen in it!

So if you're into memory keeping through pocket pages, or you want to learn how, then grab your copy for the special early bird price HERE.


PS. An eMook is a cross between an eBook and an a digital magazine ;-)


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