Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Wrap-Up

Things I learnt over the Easter holiday....

Easter toys that require immersion in water for 7 days are fun..... but difficult to transport once you've started the process

Hiding 97 chocolate eggs makes a great treasure hunt...... but you'll never find them all again

When your brother tells your 3 year old to "eat so much chocolate it makes you sick"....... she will

Having 2 kids seems to mean getting twice the amount of chocolate ..... even if one of them can't eat it yet.

Always ALWAYS check inside the over before you turn it on if your daughter likes to play hide and seek with meltable pantry items.

In other news, I got published here and here in April's ScrapStreet magazine. Happy dance :)

Go ahead and click on the picture of this month's magazine cover. It should take you to the contents page.

Don't forget to enter this.

And just so I can leave you with something scrappy related.... here's a little peak for you.

I'm working on next month's From Screen 2 Scrap challenge and I've already done 2 different layouts, and I'm still not entirely happy with them, so might have to try for a third. I've never done that before.

Not that you can see very much from these little snippets - but do you prefer one over the other?

Still plenty of time to enter this month's challenge using the Little Miss Sunshine movie poster as inspiration.


  1. That pic of your daughter pouting cracks me up!! :)
    CONGRATS on the pubs- always so exciting- I checked the pages out and they are lovely!
    I'm in a 'banner love' phase- so from the snippets that's what grabs me!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Congrats on the well deserved pubs!!! Pouting Girl No. 1...hilarious!!! Can't WAIT to see you scrap that!!!


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