Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week in the Life - Monday

Yes, I know I'm a week behind the rest of the world who are doing Ali Edward's Week in the Life. But since I was away last weekend/Monday I didn't think to really start it on time. And although she specifically said you can make your 'week' start on any day, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

I'm going to try and keep things on track via my blog, so my apologies for all the personal photos and stories that (hopefully) are going to appear over the next week. I'll still aim to post some crafty things too.

I was allowed to sleep in, and even better than that, while I slept The Man and Munchy did the washing :) So when I awoke in the bright sunny day they were outside pinning it on the washing line. Well, one of them was working and the other was twirling her umbrella.

And yes, she was wearing tracksuit pants, a skirt, and a fairy-skirt too. It seems she had been playing dress-ups previously.
Trying to capture some smiles on camera for the first time. Because although Moodle smiles all the time (she's a very happy baby) I can't seem to capture it on camera, because everytime she sees that little red light she's all like "oooooh, what's that?" and has this surprised look on her face.

Plenty of sister-bonding time. In fact, Munchy loves Moodle so much that most of the time I actually have to try and prise her off her sister rather than have to worry about the sibling rivalry.

Quite often Munchy likes to actually get into her toybox to play. It's either that or pull all of the toys out so she can see which ones are on the bottom.
Moodle still has four naps a day (she likes her sleep) but there's always a lot of 'quiet time' too. Where she's awake, but content to just stay in her crib and smile to herself before hopefully falling back to sleep again.

So Munchy found her little plastic box and declared she was going bug hunting. After 10mins outside I went to check on what she was up to and she stated that she couldn't find any bugs, so decided to collect buds instead. Hhhhmmmm

Yes, she was stripping our camillia trees of all their unopened flower buds.

And counting to see how many she had collected. Quite a few I'd say.

Yes, she really is in the middle of a growth spurt. I can't seem to keep up with enough clothes that fit anymore. Everytime she gets dressed I have to remind myself that it's one more piece of clothing that needs retirement.

Other things about today:
Public holiday - hence why The Man wasn't at work.
Munchy's first dry night. I know she's old but we've been quite slack about letting her still wear nappies to bed at night. We finally took the leap of faith - and it was absolutely fine!!  In fact, she declared today "I've finished toilet training now - I know everything there is to know about it"


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