Sunday, April 18, 2010

One more

ETA - better photos..... well, maybe not better - perhaps more interesting?

Just had time to do one more quick challenge from Shimelle's cybercrop party.

Challenge - Scrap your neighbourhood with Studio Calico

Why break the pattern of my cybercrop weekend? Meaning, of course my mum didn't have any Studio Calico. And I would have to say that with all the scrapping I've been doing with my own supply of SC I must be nearly out of it too. So I used Kaisercraft instead (which is something mum has a lot of given she can get it at wholesale price!)

This is the story of what some friends did to Dad's shop for his 60th birthday last year. Not only did they put that giant sign on it but all the inside of the shop was filled to capacity with balloons. As in, you had to burst balloons to be able to walk inside! Awesome practical joke, and a good photo to fit the theme of scrapping about things in your neighbourhood.


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