Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Story of Alacraft

When James from the Australian online craft store Alacraft asked me if I would like to receive some free craft product to review on my blog I simply had to reply "of course"!!
In all honesty..... who wouldn't??!

I picked a few things that would make great art supplies for me the kids. After all, it's the school holidays here and they need lots of things to do. First up I chose a Water Paint Box Set and the Paint Brush Set to go with it.

These were fabulous products, especially with their super-affordable price tag (only $10 in total). They're liquid paints as you can see and the colours were great. We used them with a wet brush which makes a little paint go a long way. And with 15 brushes in the pack there was plenty to go around without any fighting!

The pretty blues in the collection were our favourite.

Next up I grabbed the Hot Pink Feathers, Diamante Flowers and the White Glue Pack as my adhesive of choice (least amount of mess is usually what I'm contemplating as highest priority when it comes to my kids!)

When faced with a choice my girls will go for the glitter first up... every single time. I guess they get that from me :-) I really don't blame them.

In summary; the kids had an absolute blast with their 'gifts'. I spaced the activities out over a couple of days which kept the excitement high as they wondered what was coming next. There's certainly no complaints from them! Everything at Alacraft is really affordable, the grand total for these 5 products is $18.50 retail. But perhaps you get what you pay for. We were disappointed that out of the Glue Pack all 3 of the smaller glues were dry and unusable. So if you're looking for some basic supplies to add to your stash, or some cheap craft products for kids then this is the place to go. Pay them a visit and find out for yourself :-)

I'll be back real soon with more scrapping projects from my June JBS kit real soon.



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