Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Story of Light

Last night I missed out on what sounds like an awesome engagement party. But such is the life of the night-shift worker. But I still sent my love...... and my husband and kids ;-)

Can you tell that this card is literally just a bunch of mismatched scraps slapped together randomly? What.. you can?! But I still hit a trend on the head with the glassine bag full of confetti and sparkles didn't I? And I heard it was well received by the couple and their crowd.

Oh yes. Second last night shift I'm on right now. I'm sure you can probably also notice that the sleep deprivation is starting to affect me. There is light at the end of this dark tunnel though.

Nearly time to draw the winners of my giveaway too. Only 2 more days to enter.



  1. this is lovely Natalie! :)

  2. An awesome card Natalie, love the glassine bag and I really like the colours of all your scraps you put together.

  3. It's a corker of a card & so on trend, indeedy! I've popped some tooth picks in the mail so you can prop your eyes open when needed...nah...just jiving.....almost've DONE GOOD:):) Think of all that FREE scrappy time you've been building up!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh wow, that is such a stunning card!! Amazing!!

  5. That is one pretty card! Love how you layered the words together!

  6. Well received by me too - stunning!


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