Friday, July 26, 2013

The Story of the Medical Jargon

Sometimes there are stories that just need to be recorded. Even if the photos of the event aren't that great, and the layout you eventually come up with will never make your 'top 10'.
This was one such occasion.

Now I started off right. I began with an awesome sketch by Em that's forming the July challenge at Paper Stories. And I rifled through my collection of papers and found this lovely background piece by Cosmo Cricket, and some green and blue papers by Basic Grey and Echo Park.

My usual stack of linear paper layers wasn't cutting it for me and I wanted to add a splash of red to coordinate with Munchy's shirt in the photos. That's when my brilliant idea of sprinkling my leftover Thickers came into play. Not only is it quite a trend at the moment, but it's also helpful for someone like me who has trouble throwing stuff away! It was particularly poignant because the whole layout is about when Munchy couldn't speak for a few weeks, so having the letters as embellishments was perfect.

Aaaaannndd.... another bonus.. (which everyone in the world has probably already figured out) but these Thickers make an excellent replacement for foam tape! Just add some glue on their non-sticky side and you're good to go. I'm so about to go though my stash and put all my packets of letters that no longer make words into my adhesive pile instead ;-)

I have to admit I really second-guessed myself about whether I really should use medical jargon as my title. But then I figured... hey... I am One Scrappy Doctor after all! Dysphonia means an impairment in the ability of the voice to produce sounds. And my poor little Munchy suffered with this over the Christmas period. For the first week I ignored it, in the second week I figured it would still go away. By the time we eventually made it into the ENT doctor's office it had been going on for over 6 weeks. After several disastrous attempts by the doctor trying to visualise her vocal cords in his office (let's just say the gag-reflex is a mighty force not to be reckoned with!!) she was booked in to have the procedure done under an anaesthetic.

Ultimately nothing was found, and it was explained away as 'voice strain'. Which basically means she's like every other 6 year old and throws too many tantrums for her own good. It's quite a relief really. Well.... not about the tantrums, but nice to know there's nothing seriously wrong with her. Hopefully next time we don't have to go to the extent of a medical procedure to figure out our kid is normal!



  1. Beautiful! I love what you've done with the sketch!

  2. Omg I would have been so scared!
    That's why I could never be a dr... I'm a panic-er
    And it's not always the best photos that make the best pages so I love this!!
    I love using embellish that symbolise the photo or the page so I think the letters look awesome!

  3. wow, that would have been seriously worrying. However, it is good to know that we all have 'normal' children, who don't always behave the way we would like them to. Great LO and I do love the idea of using up your letters. Have never quite got around to it yet and the box of 'unusable' alphas is ever growing.

  4. What a worry kids can be, glad she was found to be normal and nothing more sinister. Great layout and thanks for the hints on the thickers.

  5. This for me is what scrapping is all about. It really doesn't matter if you have the perfect photos or the perfect papers it is about recording the perfect stories. I love this layout and I am so glad that it all turned out ok and I am sorry she had to go through a procedure to sort it out :( Love the sketch - Em rocks and I love your layout too... :D

  6. Mind blowing! Absolutely fantastic layout - not that the loose of voice is good, but I love that you've recorded it. I'm happy to hear that it wasn't anything major :)
    Thank you for joining us at Paper Stories!

  7. Ab brill idea for Old Thickers...& they will SOOOO get used, then, too!!! And *giggle* with your DD...glad nothing was wrong...& I can still see your sketch!!! Winner all round:):):):)

  8. I love the fact that this has been (rather beautifully) documented

  9. I always love reading your stories. Love the layout and the thickers look really effective. Also glad you used a medical term for the layout, it is , as you say, a representation of you. So glad you joined us at Paper Stories!


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