Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Story of the Preemptive Strike

It's been a little while since I scrapped. Not as long as Doris (!), more like maybe 10 days. That's what doing night duty does to my crafting habit I'm afraid.

So to get back into the swing of things I decided on a lovely challenge where I wouldn't have to think too much (which is another side effect of a stint of night duty).

The Russian Scrap Lifting blog chose this gorgeous card by Anna Zaprzelska to challenge us with. Of course, I have to do it in my own style and with the supplies I had on hand. So instead of lots of shabby floral layers I chose a bold graphic theme instead.

I'm calling this a preemptive strike against the next birthday party. There's no invitation on our fridge yet, but inevitably there will be. And when that day comes I'm going to be soooo prepared!



  1. ...and it's pretty much a multi sex card, so you've even covered THAT eventuality....I reckon cards are THE best quick fix out there [hence so many on my blog atm!!!]...just popped over to see what Doris is up to, too!!!!!!!!!!! And your graphic take on the card is FABULOUS...of course:):):)

  2. Thank you for playing wiht us, Scrap Lifting!

  3. Thank you from the Blog Scrap Lifting!
    Good luck)


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