Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Story of the Resort

Missing the beach right about now. But we're past the half way mark of Winter now so the promise of Spring is looming. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

And it helps if I keep scrapping these pool-side photos. Makes me feel warmer already.

We were super-lucky to visit the resorts on Hamilton Island on our family vacation. Stunning location, beautiful views, fabulous facilities. But we couldn't help but notice it all had a slightly retro feel to it all, like it hasn't been much updated in the last few decades. It's not that we're disappointed, trust me, I'm not living 5-star everyday. This was pure luxury. It was just something we noticed.

In an attempt to use design elements to represent what I was journaling about I've mixed in plenty of glitter but distressed everything along the way too. Sometimes I get these 'perfect' ideas in my head, which doesn't mean they actually translate into a great page, but I still love the idea ;-)

MMmmwwwahh.... I wanna go baaaccckk!


  1. I like the pink and blue compo! And the location pointer things!

  2. I was there in the 80's!!!!!! A bit of warmth wouldn't go astray up here the 'idea' you had...worked pretty jolly well, I reckon:):):)

  3. I like the teal with the pink. I am certainly looking forward to some warm weather , nice big frosts and gets in the minus here of a morning brrrrr. We are going to my neices wedding on Hamilton Island, was suppose to be Feb but she had to change the date as they are renovating the whole resort apparently, so maybe no more retro . I have never been there so looking forward to it, she had to bring the wedding forward, so I guess I will get to see the retro look as well :)


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