Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Story of My Night Duty

Happy 4th of July to all those who celebrate today! Us Aussies don't of course, but I thought it only fitting that I share a little 'red, white and blue' layout with you all the same ;-)

Can't believe it's taken me this long to swap my Kit subscription over to the fabulous ones at Jenni Bowlin. Shame on me! The June kit is still set up on my desk so I can drool over it and plan more pages (although the July kit has just been released and looks even yummier!)

I think one of the fabulous things about any kit is that it provides you with products that you might not have necessarily purchased individually. They might not be 'your style' or 'your colours' and you would have overlooked them in a store. But put them all together in a kit and you suddenly realise their potential. You wonder why you ever doubted! Like how ridiculously cute is that retro air hostess?

What I love about the June JBS kit....
It's filled with a good mix of Basic Grey Mint Julip and October Afternoon Travel Girl. These two collections were on my 'must get' list and the kits provided me with all the best bits ;-)
The exclusive stamp and stencil were both AMAZING!! I've used the star stencil to create some details on this page as you can see.
The true vintage products Jenni always sneaks into the kits. When I first saw the perforated address label stamps I wondered what I was going to do with them. But not for long! I've pretty much used them all up now and will be begging fore more. On this layout I filled a couple with my journaling and created some tone-on-tone textural details in all the white space.

In my current placement I very regularly do a stint of night duty. In fact, it's a month of night duty every 3 months. It seems to always come around very quickly! When I work them, it's 7 nights on, then 7 days off. It's a bit difficult for both me and the family because with 13-hour shifts it means I spend most of my time at work during that week. One of the great pleasures the kids take though is the opportunity to stand in the driveway and wave me off as I go. They're usually already in their pajamas by that time but they don't mind. And they don't mind that all the neighbours can hear as they scream out their goodbyes until I'm in the distance. I don't mind either!


JBS June Kits:


  1. Awwww.... So cute, both the hostie & the kidlet image of them waving bye.... Gorgeous kit bits in this one!!!!

  2. What a great memory and fun layout. Thanks for acknowledging the red, white & blue!

  3. Another awesome layout!! Just love your style and pinned a few of your pages! I've got this kit on my desk too but have yet to get started with it. You just gave me a great idea for the photo I can use ... Each morning I wave my kids goodbye when they set of for school and of course I've got pics! Thanks for the inspiration!


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